Cloud-Based ERP for IBM: Dispelling the Myths, Uncovering the Benefits

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Custom manufacturing demands innovation, efficiency, and adaptability to remain competitive in the market. It also requires a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to streamline operations and increase efficiency. As a result, many manufacturers have chosen to employ cloud-based ERP software to improve their business processes, and some based on the highly reliable and scalable IBM i operating system.

Yet, misconceptions keep other businesses from capitalizing on the significant benefits of an ERP on the IBM i platform to improve their enterprise management. Fortunately, IBM cloud-based ERP software like Frontier are powerful systems that signify a positive shift in how manufacturers best manage their resources, processes, and data to drive business growth.

In this blog, we’ll examine common misconceptions of ERP software for IBM i. We’ll also discuss the advantages of a cloud-based ERP and how they streamline operations for business success.

Don’t Fear the IBM OS

There are many misconceptions about employing ERP software that runs on the IBM i operating system. Unfortunately, these myths can deter businesses from utilizing IBM platforms for their ERP needs. Let’s shed light on the reality of leveraging IBM operating systems for your ERP software:

Myth 1: Limited Compatibility

One common misconception is that IBM operating systems have limited compatibility with modern ERP software. However, the reality is quite the opposite. IBM platforms are compatible with a wide range of ERP solutions, both on-premises and in the cloud. Just like Frontier ERP, IBM platforms provide the flexibility and scalability needed to support diverse business requirements.

Myth 2: Complexity Equals Inefficiency

Another myth is that IBM operating systems are overly complex, leading to inefficiencies in ERP implementation and management. While past IBM environments may have had a reputation for complexity, Frontier ERP streamlines operations and enhances usability. You can navigate Frontier’s cloud-based ERP through our intuitive user interface, comprehensive implementation, and dedicated support channels for more efficient tasks.

Myth 3: Cost Prohibitive

myths vs facts

Myths surrounding ERP systems and IBM operating system platforms simply aren’t true!

A common misconception is that implementing IBM-native ERP software is way too expensive. IBM hardware and software may involve initial investment costs, but the long-term benefits often outweigh the expenses. IBM Power system servers offer a solid foundation for ERP software since they are renowned for their reliability, scalability, and performance. Plus, with cloud-based ERP, you can enjoy the robust IBM platform advantages with reduced upfront capital expenditures.

Myth 4: Limited Innovation

Some believe that IBM operating systems lack innovation compared to other platforms, stifling the evolution of ERP software. The truth is that IBM is continuously investing in research and development to enhance its offerings and stay ahead of technological advancements. We are proud to partner with IBM to ensure that operating systems remain a focus of innovative ERP software development.

Myth 5: Lack of Support

Myths abound that IBM platforms lack adequate support for ERP software which leads to maintenance and troubleshooting issues. In reality, IBM provides comprehensive support services, including technical assistance, software updates, and educational resources. In addition to Frontier’s experienced and dedicated support team, there is a vibrant community of IBM users and developers. Together we actively collaborate and share knowledge, further bolstering support for ERP implementations on IBM platforms.

Advantages of a Cloud-Based ERP System

Cloud-based ERP systems aren’t just about migrating to the cloud. They have changed how manufacturers manage their IT infrastructure and operations and provide innovative features that enable better decision-making.

While in-house ERP systems have long been the traditional approach for centralized business processes, the benefits of cloud-based ERP systems are undeniable.

cloud-based erp, cost efficient

Frontier’s cloud-based ERP powered by IBM is a cost-efficient solution for manufacturers of complex products.

1. Cost-Efficiency

Cloud-based ERPs often operate on a subscription-based model. This can eliminate the need for significant upfront hardware and IT infrastructure investments. This model allows businesses to scale resources based on demand, minimizing waste and optimizing cost-efficiency. Additionally, cloud providers handle system maintenance and updates, reducing the burden on internal IT teams and further lowering operational costs.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of cloud-based ERP systems is their unparalleled scalability and flexibility. You can quickly scale resources based on demand, allowing your business to adapt to fluctuating workloads without disruptions. Whether you are expanding storage capacity or deploying new applications, cloud systems offer unmatched agility. This empowers your company to respond rapidly to changing market dynamics and customer demands.

3. Accessibility and Collaboration

Cloud-based ERP systems enable seamless access to data and applications from anywhere with an Internet connection, enhancing collaboration among distributed teams. Employees can collaborate in real time, share documents, and access critical business processes from any device, fostering productivity and efficiency. Additionally, cloud-based ERP collaboration tools streamline communication and project management, driving innovation and fostering a culture of teamwork within the organization.

4. Reliability and Redundancy

IBM and its cloud-hosting partners operate state-of-the-art data centers with redundant infrastructure and robust disaster recovery mechanisms. This ensures high availability and reliability, minimizing downtime and service interruptions. IBM-powered cloud-based ERPs provide unparalleled resilience for your peace of mind and utmost confidence in your IT infrastructure’s reliability.

5. Security and Compliance:

Cloud-based ERPs like Frontier offer robust security measures and compliance standards to protect sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance. IBM invests heavily in security technologies and protocols, including encryption, multi-factor authentication, and intrusion detection systems. This helps to safeguard data against cyber threats and unauthorized access. Cloud systems also undergo regular audits and certifications to demonstrate adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Optimize Operations with Frontier ERP

In the past, managing disparate systems for different aspects of the business often led to inefficiencies and data silos. However, with Frontier ERP for IBM, you can consolidate operations onto a single, integrated platform. Frontier centralizes data and processes to provide a holistic view of the business, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions based on real-time insights.

Did you know that Frontier is the leading ERP software solution on IBM i for make-to-order companies? Frontier’s on-premises or cloud-based ERP offers a highly configurable platform to fit your business. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline operations, optimize resource utilization, and enhance decision-making processes.

For make-to-order businesses, you can leverage Frontier’s advanced configuration tools to define product attributes, rules, and dependencies for complex products. The product configurator module provides streamlined order fulfillment that empowers sales teams to accurately configure, price, quote (CPQ) and process orders in real time. The automated process eliminates errors, reduces lead times, and enhances the customer experience.


Embracing cloud-based ERP for IBM platforms presents an opportunity for custom manufacturers to streamline operations and increase efficiency. Examining the myths surrounding IBM-powered ERP systems reveals the true power of the IBM i solution’s compatibility, efficiency, and affordability. The advantages of cloud-based ERPs underscore their pivotal role in optimizing enterprise management.

Frontier ERP is a frontrunner for both on-premises and cloud-based ERPs for make-to-order companies. We offer a robust suite of tools designed to streamline operations, enhance decision-making processes, and drive customer satisfaction all driven by the power of IBM. By leveraging Frontier’s configurable platform, you can achieve operational excellence and enjoy business growth.

To learn more about the advantages of Frontier ERP on the IBM platform, stop by booth #316 at POWERUp 2024, or contact us today.

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