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Frontier ERP Service and Support

When you implement Frontier, you receive more than just our software. You receive access to a client service and support team uniquely qualified to guide your project from inception to completion, with ongoing support and training.

Professional Services

Our clients count on our expert assistance, including:

  • Implementation Process Analysis (IPA) – A high-level review of your existing business processes and requirements to determine potential challenges, opportunities, and risks with software implementation. By interviewing client employees at your location, Friedman consultants then develop and present a complete IPA. This contains a list of challenges discovered and avenues for success in facing those issues, along with an initial project plan detailing education opportunities, project assignments, and suggested actions. The IPA document is intended as a starting point for the implementation and is not intended to be the definitive process definition or project schedule.
  • COMPASS Methodology for ERP Implementation – Friedman has developed COMPASS, an 8-step ERP implementation method, providing clients with a pathway for successful implementation. The program guides the development of an implementation steering committee, project team, and project manager. It also provides the framework to educate the team and key users on system functions plus offers guidance in business transaction scripting, execution of those scripts, piloting of the software using a Conference Room Pilot, training end users, going live and post-implementation review and recommendations. During the life cycle of the project, a Friedman representative provides you with a written Progress Assessment Document at the 6 major milestones. This document both assesses the project status and provides direction for continued advancement on the path to success.
  • Consulting Support – The Friedman consulting team is ready to provide client assistance before, during, and after implementation. Team members are experts in the field and are able to share their knowledge on product usage, project management, and industry trends. As part of the overall service, our consultants offer access to the services and support your business needs, including assistance in planning the implementation project, software and industry education, assistance in business modeling of the software, and representing individual client needs to Friedman management.
  • Custom Programming – The trend toward customer-driven products is embraced and demonstrated at Friedman through the experienced, custom-programming resources made available to serve your industry-specific requirements. Such experience assists in minimizing modifications, thereby allowing enough flexibility to roll modifications into future releases while providing you with immediate maximum benefit.
    Data Conversion – With numerous successful implementations, our staff has extensive experience in converting many software packages over to our system. This knowledge allows provision for data mapping or conversion services which will correctly populate the Friedman system.

Customer Support

When you need answers regarding product functionality, application issues, or technical operations, an experienced professional in Friedman’s Customer Support Center can help.

Friedman’s team of highly trained experts is here to answer any questions you may have through the implementation process, and beyond. Our staff of experienced service and support specialists is dedicated to helping you use your Friedman system more efficiently and productively.

Requests are automatically recorded into our log-tracking system to ensure a quick and accurate response. All support issues are assigned to a specialist equipped with a variety of tools to provide responsive solutions. From downloadable enhancements and corrections to dial-in access for in-depth problem evaluation, they understand the need for accurate diagnosis and quick resolution to keep your business competitive. Customers receive 24/7 access to the Frontier Customer Portal.


Friedman Helps You Extend the Value of Your Software Investment

As a full-service software provider, Friedman Corporation offers services and support that go beyond the initial product purchase. Critical to the success of any manufacturer is a fully trained staff prepared to efficiently and productively move your business forward. Our goal is to extend the value of your software investment by ensuring you have a staff that is ready to do just that. We offer a regular schedule of customer webinars and tech talks, as well as our popular biennial user conference, Converge.

Training Opportunities

Friedman’s successful client education program includes a team of application experts to share their knowledge of how our products work and how our software can meet your business requirements. Using a variety of training avenues, we provide tailored material referencing the challenges and issues specific to your industry. Training can be arranged at your locations or at our Chicago-area headquarters. Our class sizes are limited to enable participants to benefit from the hands-on, open-discussion environment. For those clients with in-house trainers, education materials have also been designed to train the trainer.

For more information on education training schedules, please visit the Frontier Customer Portal.

Online Community

The Frontier Documentation Wiki is an enhancement to our official Frontier Documentation PDFs that you receive with each major release. You will find everything from complex technical setup specifications, application tutorials, common FAQs, and eQuote documentation in this Wiki. Additionally, all 4.0+ WAR file version documentation is located here. Access is limited to one account per company for now, as we encourage a single shared login for your users.

If you do not have access, please create a support ticket in the customer portal requesting access and give us the email you would like to use as the user login. Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the articles to request additional information.

Access the Frontier Documentation – External Wiki Client Education site.