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Best Manufacturing ERP Financial Systems Software: Frontier ERP

Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency with ERP Financial Systems

Financial and accounting management is a critical part of manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. These financial tools serve as the brain of your manufacturing ERP, connecting all departments, enhancing visibility, and enabling better decision-making. Companies use ERP financial systems to connect every process throughout the organization, including quoting, sales, inventory, and production. Having this financial view into the business enables manufacturers to balance operational efficiency, financial stability, and growth.

Why Financial Tools Matter

1. Holistic View of Financial Health

An ERP system equipped with financial tools provides a 360-degree view of a company’s financial health. From accounts payable and receivable to cash flow management and budgeting, these tools consolidate critical financial data. Manufacturers can track revenue, expenses, and profitability across projects, products, customers, vendors, and departments.

2. Streamlined Processes

Financial tools streamline essential processes, such as invoice management, expense tracking, and financial reporting. By automating routine tasks, manufacturers reduce manual errors, improve accuracy, and free up valuable time for strategic decision-making.

3. Real-Time Insights

Timely information is crucial for effective decision-making. Financial tools within an ERP system provide real-time insights into financial performance. Manufacturers can monitor key metrics, identify trends, and respond promptly to deviations from financial targets.

4. Cost Control and Profitability

Manufacturers can optimize costs by analyzing financial data. With tools like cost allocation, profit margin analysis, and budget variance tracking, you’ll gain visibility into cost drivers. This knowledge empowers your business to make informed decisions, enhance profitability, and allocate resources more efficiently.

5. Compliance and Risk Management

Financial tools ensure compliance with accounting standards, tax regulations, and industry-specific requirements. By maintaining accurate records and automating compliance checks, manufacturers mitigate risks and avoid penalties.

With Frontier ERP, you can elevate your company’s accounting tasks and financial management to new heights. Our software ensures expedited transactions and error elimination from redundant input. Gain real-time access to precise information with in-house and web-enabled modules. Frontier specializes in manufacturing ERP financial systems for a variety of manufacturers. Read on to discover why Frontier ERP is the best manufacturing ERP financial system in the industry.

Benefits of Frontier’s Manufacturing ERP Financial System Integration

With integrated financial data, manufacturers can perform comprehensive operational and financial analysis and forecasting. The holistic view of both operations and financials also allows you to better understand customer needs and preferences, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention. This allows for better decision-making regarding investments, pricing strategies, resource allocation, and other critical business decisions.

Single, Real-time Data Source

With our integrated ERP financial system, you can gain clear insight into your company’s financial well-being. Frontier’s comprehensive analytics features provide real-time visibility into areas most important to your business: profits, costs, and revenue. This allows stakeholders to access up-to-date information on profit margins, ROI, financial ratios, cash flow, and other key metrics. These financial KPIs help you assess your company’s financial performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to drive growth and profitability.

Automated, Streamlined Processes

Frontier’s integrated ERP financial system saves your company time and money by automating time-wasting tasks and reducing manual processes. Rely on quicker and more efficient financial closings with our streamlined account reconciliation that automatically matches transactions, reducing errors. Frontier ERP financial systems offer robust reporting and analytics capabilities. This results in faster financial report generation and improves operational efficiency. Advanced analytics features enable scenario planning, financial modeling, and predictive analysis to support strategic decision-making.

Integrated Risk Management 

Integrated risk management provides ERP financial system features to block threats from fraud and theft, both internal and external. These include user-specific controls, reporting, and audit trails to ensure fiscal transparency and accountability.

Cost Control and Optimization

By integrating financial data with other operational data, Frontier ERP enables customers to perform accurate cost analysis. This helps to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize financial resources effectively.

Scalability and Growth

As our customers grow and evolve, so do Frontier’s integrated ERP financial systems. Our ERP is completely scalable to accommodate increasing transaction volumes, expanding operations, and additional business units or subsidiaries. Frontier ERP has the built-in ability to handle multiple locations, multiple currencies, and even different entities under the same parent company to facilitate global expansion and complex organizational structures.

Frontier ERP: Your Solution

We understand the unique needs of product manufacturers. Our Frontier ERP system combines robust financial tools with industry-specific features tailored for manufacturing. Here’s why you should consider Frontier ERP:

  1. Comprehensive Financial Suite: Frontier ERP integrates modules for general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, and more. You’ll have a complete financial toolkit at your fingertips.
  2. Cross-Departmental Visibility: Frontier ERP connects finance, production, inventory, and sales. You’ll gain insights into how financial decisions impact other areas of your business.
  3. Profitability Analysis: Track profitability by product line, project, or customer. Identify areas for improvement and capitalize on opportunities.
  4. Scalability: Whether you’re a medium-sized manufacturer or a large enterprise, Frontier ERP grows with you. It adapts to your changing needs and supports your business expansion.

Frontier ERP Financial Systems

erp financial systems

When your ERP financial systems are integrated with all parts of your operation, from ordering to inventory to production to invoicing, your have a more holistic view of your bottom line.

Accounts Payable

Frontier ERP’s Accounts Payable module is fully integrated with the Purchasing and Receiving modules. This allows for quick vendor invoice validation against authorized purchases and accepted purchase receipts. Frontier Payables is a web-based inquiry application that provides enhanced visibility into open and historical payment details for analysis.

Accounts Receivable

Frontier ERP Financial Systems includes a comprehensive Accounts Receivable module that supports all the organizational activities associated with credit management and cash collection. Our AR app connects sales, shipping, and billing for instant credit updates and easier customer invoicing. Receivables is a browser-based tool providing enhanced visibility into open and historical receivables details, as well as visibility to analyze open receivables information.

Credit and Collections

The Credit and Collections section provides tools to proactively manage credit and cash exposure for active customer accounts. Integrated with Frontier Sales Order Management, this module automatically applies user-defined credit limits and past-due rules against incoming sales orders in real time.

Cash Management

Our online Cash Management tool analyzes sales, purchases, accounting, and financial data. It helps to determine the availability of short-term and long-term working capital efficiently.

General Ledger

Designed to automatically validate and capture operational transactions processed within the Frontier ERP financial system, General Ledger is fully integrated with all Frontier modules. With flexible options, summary and detailed information maintained within your General Ledger provides the foundation for generating standard and ad-hoc financial reports.

Financial Reporting

Frontier iStatements allows for the definition and maintenance of financial reporting documents based on the summary and detailed information maintained within your General Ledger. A host of pre-built reports are readily available.

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