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Automated Quote Management Software: eQuote Dealer

Is your quote and order processing lacking luster? Does it cause problems when servicing your dealers and customers?

Inefficient quotes and order processing often leads to delays, errors, and longer lead times. These issues can result in frustration and negatively impact your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Why risk it when you can eliminate it with streamlined quote management software from Frontier?

Frontier eQuote Dealer

Processing quotes, taking sales orders, and handling customer inquiries internally takes time. Placing sales orders via email or over the phone with your company also opens the door for errors and delays. eQuote Dealer is an out-of-the-box software solution that seamlessly integrates with the Frontier ERP system. Our expertly designed dealer quoting software eliminates those wasteful extra steps and allows you to streamline quoting, order submission, order management, and credit checks.

Quote Management Software Benefits

Dealers and distributors are an extension of your sales order management team, if not the entire team. Providing them with easy-to-use online tools to finalize sales increases satisfaction, retention, and profits for your business. eQuote Dealer’s automated processes save time, reduce production errors, and shorten lead times from quote to delivery.

1. One Integrated Solution

eQuote Dealer is a “go-to-market” web-based solution for dealer orders and quotes. An integral part of Frontier’s ERP system, it maximizes your current manufacturing enterprise resource planning software investment. Your Frontier ERP database stores all quotations and orders, and all quote and order activities are immediately visible.

Current customers can leverage existing Frontier skill sets, workflows, and product knowledge. With eQuote tightly integrated into existing workflows, there are no new formats to learn with our dealer quoting software.

2. Completely Scalable

As your manufacturing company expands, your systems should seamlessly accommodate increased demands without requiring a complete overhaul. Since eQuote dealer is cloud-based, you can efficiently manage an upsurge in customer and dealer orders. It adapts to your growing business allowing you to easily add dealers and product lines without issue.

3. Multi-Tier Support

Unlike some dealer quoting software, eQuote Dealer supports both single-tier and two-tier B2B relationships as well as both “stock” and “configured” products. It enhances current dealer relationships and can allow you to establish new channels as your business grows and evolves. Your distributors can use eQuote Dealer to build, price quote, and place their replenishment orders online at any time.

4. Automated Processes

Create quotes and order products automatically with eQuote Dealer quote management software. By working directly within Frontier ERP, this invaluable tool accesses inventory, scheduling, and pricing details in real-time. Additionally, eQuote Dealer uses in-house data, like product and configuration data, to maintain consistency across all sales channels. This results in reduced order processing costs and resources.

quote management software, millwork

eQuote Dealer is comprehensive quote management software for custom manufacturers that offer a wide variety of product configurations through their dealers.

5. Detailed Product Configuration

Frontier ERP includes built-in Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software. CPQ software manages product configuration, ensures accurate pricing, and efficiently generates quotes. This information is instantly available within the dealer quoting software as part of the Frontier ERP system. This minimizes errors and improves efficiency throughout the quoting and ordering process for dealers.

Our CPQ is powered by Frontier’s innovative parametric product configurator. Using a parametric approach allows you to provide a wider range of advanced configurations and customization options. This is particularly important in industries where products need to be extensively tailored to meet specific customer needs. Our online product configurator also supports integrated 3D product visualization tools to enhance customer communication during the quoting process.

6. User-Friendly Interface

Our quote management software was designed with the extended dealer network in mind. It provides user-friendly interfaces that easily guide staff, dealers, contractors, retailers, and even customers through the configuration process. This simplicity contributes to increased customer satisfaction and saves time, from product selection to order completion. For companies desiring a completely branded online ordering experience, our WebServices tools are another great option.

7. Adjustable Pricing Control

eQuote Dealer provides the ability for dealers to add their standard markups, while at the same time having visibility to their purchase costs. More pricing and promotion information can also be accessed such as bulk pricing, discounts, and marketing deals for specific customers or groups.

8. Flexible Online Catalog

Detailed product information, specifications, and images are a critical part of the online quoting and ordering process. eQuote Dealer provides powerful catalog management tools to allow you to define what products and options are available to which customers. While eQuote Dealer can be used for any product you sell today, different sales channels can have different requirements. You may choose to offer different products and options online, or only to select dealers.

9. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Dealers have online visibility to the customers they are responsible for and can manage quotations and orders on the customer’s behalf. This allows them to help buyers choose the right product options and specifications for individual configuration options.

With custom orders, the use of 3D CAD drawing and design tools during the product configuration process becomes indispensable. Customers can actively participate in the design process through eQuote Dealer, making choices and modifications in real time. This not only enhances their engagement but also ensures that the final product aligns perfectly with their expectations.

eQuote Dealer quote management software helps reduce errors, speed up ordering, and improve customer satisfaction by eliminating delays and decreasing lead times.

10. Industry Expertise

We know that your business is unique and so are your quote management software needs. You can take comfort in knowing that our dedicated team members are experts in the custom manufacturing industry, including the following areas and more:

Additional Frontier quote management software integration solutions include:

  • DataBroker – for easy, one-way data transfers.
  • eWeb Services – create your own front-end web access point, portal, or website and seamlessly integrate your ERP data.

Allowing dealers to manage quotes and orders online gives you a competitive advantage. To read more about eQuote Dealer or see a demo, contact us today!