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Advanced MES Software for Shop Floor Management

Advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Advanced Manufacturing Execution (AME) is Frontier ERP’s comprehensive solution for streamlining manufacturing processes and optimizing production efficiency. Our browser-based MES software is a foundational component of our manufacturing ERP system. It supports your lean manufacturing principles by removing non-value-added activities and enhancing communication across the shop floor with paperless work instructions, tracking, and reporting.

Why is MES Software Important?

Manufacturers rely on Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software to boost efficiency, ensure quality, and streamline production processes. It provides real-time visibility into manufacturing activities, automates tasks, and helps control costs.

MES enables manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements with production tracking to make informed decisions by providing valuable data insights. As a comprehensive solution to shop floor management, MES software is essential for staying agile, meeting customer needs, and achieving operational excellence.

Benefits of AME MES Software

1. Paperless, Real-Time Data and Processes

mes software

Improve production processes and shop floor management with Frontier’s Advanced MES software.

Say goodbye to cumbersome, paper-based processes like work order generation and manual document sorting. Our paperless MES system delivers real-time instructions and schedules directly to the work center. This allows for better resource allocation, reduces waste, and improves production scheduling.

2. Integration Visibility

Integrated advanced MES features like Frontier iSchedule, Frontier Visualizer, and CADFlow provide seamless visibility into job sequencing and Frontier ERP product configurations. Our advanced MES also helps reduce production defects and improve quality by delivering critical engineering configurations directly to the work center. This enables companies to save resources and improve their shop floor management.

3. User-Friendly Interface

One of the key advantages of AME MES software is its flexibility and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re accessing the system from a low-end PC or a rugged tablet, you’ll have all the tools you need at your fingertips. Displays and task filters can be tailored to suit each user’s specific production requirements, eliminating the need for costly programming.

4. Robust Tracking & Reporting

Our AME MES also offers robust data collection and reporting capabilities. Frontier’s RFID reporting tool seamlessly generates reports on material movement, personnel activity, and transactions. It facilitates comprehensive tracking and analysis of stock and customer-specified products, all within a centralized system. This allows you to track production status, analyze scrap reasons, and continually identify manufacturing KPIs to improve processes. KPIs are tracked for each production station to provide detailed reporting for a more informed approach to performance and efficiency.

Key AME MES Software Features

  • List View, Task Filter, and Micro Sort to manage and prioritize jobs
  • RFID Reading and Reporting to support material and people movement
  • Touchscreen Input for streamlined data entry and job tracking
  • Allows Triggering Release of the work order upon completion of the prior job for more flexibility when addressing last-minute order changes.
  • Supports Work Order BOM Maintenance, Work Order Routing Maintenance, Picking (CE/Window Screens on Lift Truck), Work Order or License Plate (Unit) Hold (with Reason Codes), and calculating process duration time at work center rate
  • Triggers Event Notifications for material shortage, inspection required, etc.
  • Cut Sheet View to generate a consolidated parts list to be processed, summarized, and totaled by characteristics of the part
  • Detailed Cart/Slot processing to record and report by Cart/Slot

With Frontier’s powerful Advanced Manufacturing Execution MES software, you can take your production processes and shop floor management to the next level. To learn more, contact us today!