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Reciprocal Custom Quoting Software: eWeb Services

What if you could give your customers and/or dealers access to some of the data and ordering tools in your ERP so everyone always has the most accurate and up-to-date information? What if your custom quoting software knows exactly what is in stock and what a specific dealer’s terms are? Those are just two of the benefits of Frontier eWeb Services.

Frontier’s eWeb Services is custom quoting software that does even more. It allows you to provide online access to your Frontier ERP data and processes for:

custom quoting software, eWeb Services

Frontier eWeb Services

For the ultimate in streamlined efficiency and customer satisfaction, companies can create their own front-end web access point, portal, or website and seamlessly integrate it to their company data in Frontier ERP using our eWeb Services tool.

Two-Way Data Integration Made Simple

eWeb Services provides reciprocal data processing from Frontier ERP to your off-the-shelf or custom quoting software and vice versa. This means Frontier’s customer, product, and configuration processing and data are always up to date on your online customer and dealer portals. eWeb Services includes online features that execute Frontier processes required by your external applications. It provides a real-time, single source of customer, product, pricing, and configuration information.

By eliminating the need to enter and update data in more than one place, or run a daily sync, you’ve improved operations and reduced the likelihood of order errors. With Frontier eWeb Services behind your custom quoting software, you can choose to share order status, inventory levels, credit history, shipping addresses, etc. in a secure environment that you control.

Branded Custom Quoting Software with a Twist

Build your own branded applications that access Frontier functionality with eWeb Services. Instead of using standard Frontier screens, you completely control the user experience, processes, and design. This enables you to create a branded, online system to meet your marketing and customer service needs using your real-time data in Frontier ERP.

Powerful Configuration Tools at Your Fingertips

Frontier’s eWeb Services allows you to use or develop a product configuration application tailored to your product lines. It extends the rich capabilities of Frontier ERP’s built-in CPQ to your custom quoting software. By accessing our powerful product configuration tool, you can choose which attributes are available for which customers and for which customized products.

To learn more about the features and functionality of Frontier eWeb Services, download the literature or contact us today!

Additional Frontier custom quoting software integration solutions include:

  • DataBroker – for easy, one-way data transfers.
  • eQuote Dealer – our out-of-the-box integrated dealer quoting software.