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Custom manufacturing caters to the individual demands of clients. These buyers seek distinctive designs that showcase their unique style, from custom bathroom cabinets to handcrafted furniture to unique shower doors. While individual design is their forte, providing an accurate quote can pose significant challenges for make-to-order businesses.

The intricacies of a custom order can vary, making it somewhat difficult to provide accurate pricing swiftly. Therefore, companies in the custom design industry must have the best quoting software for quick and error-free pricing. Read on to explore challenges custom manufacturers encounter and how ERP with CPQ can efficiently simplify the process.

Custom Order Challenges

Order Complexity

Custom orders often entail detailed specifications, unique designs, and personalized requirements. Manufacturers must navigate through a myriad of particulars, including size, shape, color, and functionality. Customized orders demand the best quoting software that adapts and responds to each order’s complex configurations without error.

Inventory Availability

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The best quoting software combines accurate pricing, ease of use, and is seamlessly integrated with your ERP for production scheduling and inventory data.

Unlike mass production, custom manufacturing involves a diverse range of materials. Businesses must stock an extensive array of materials from metals and plastics to specialized components. The danger of issuing a quote when parts are not on hand is a significant problem. Companies avoid this situation by utilizing software for manufacturing that includes access to real-time inventory levels.

Production Scheduling

Effectively communicating production schedules is essential when quoting a custom order as scheduling directly affects product timelines. If there is a disconnect between the sales team and production planning, it may result in order delays or lost sales. Team members must be able to communicate effectively during the quoting process. The solution is to use the best quoting software that integrates production schedules to allow for proper planning.

Impact of Quoting Errors

Quote accuracy is the key to sustaining profits and fostering long-term customer relationships for custom manufacturers. Incorrect pricing can have far-reaching consequences, jeopardizing not only profits but also the reputation of the manufacturer. By utilizing the best quoting software that includes configurations, scheduling, and pricing, custom manufacturers can depend on order quote accuracy.

Understanding ERP and CPQ

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software for manufacturing can alleviate operating challenges. In addition to improving operational efficiency, they play pivotal roles in effectively managing the quoting process.


An ERP system serves as an all-encompassing business management system. The software centralizes and enhances diverse facets of manufacturing operations. The best ERP for manufacturing provides a cohesive platform that seamlessly intertwines processes and data across various departments. It encompasses inventory management, production planning, sales orders, finance, and customer relationship management for better efficiency.


CPQ (configure, price, quote) software focuses on configuring products, determining accurate pricing, and generating quotes. Within the custom manufacturing process, CPQ stands as a vital component. It simplifies the configuration and pricing of customized products while saving time. CPQ software also automatically generates timely and accurate quotes which result in a smoother sales process and higher customer satisfaction.

ERP CPQ Integration

Unfortunately, some custom manufacturers depend on independent online configurators that lack integration with their ERP systems. This reliance results in errors and communication roadblocks. The true benefits of CPQ software emerge through the seamless integration with an ERP system.

In such instances, CPQ becomes a quoting software module coupled with the ERP’s product configurator. Importantly, this configuration is not a scaled-down version of CPQ. Instead, it rises as the best quoting software solution for manufacturers because of its enhanced potency.

ERP With CPQ: The Best Quoting Software Solution

Embracing a combination of ERP with CPQ provides a myriad of benefits for custom manufacturers. Businesses can depend on accurate quotes, timely orders, and enhanced customer satisfaction from the integration.

Customization Capabilities: When integrated with ERP, CPQ can adapt to the unique needs of custom manufacturing. It accommodates various materials, sizes, and processes, providing a comprehensive solution for generating accurate quotes.

Streamlined Data Management: ERP systems efficiently handle the vast amounts of data associated with custom manufacturing. By having direct access to inventory levels and production schedules via ERP, integrated CPQ software generates quotes with precision.


Reduce quoting errors and improve communication with Frontier ERP with CPQ.

Reliable Pricing: CPQ software works with predefined pricing rules, maintaining consistency across all quotes. When integrated with ERP, it automatically incorporates specific customer discounts and payment preferences during quote generation. This eliminates the need for customer service personnel to manually adjust or create and distribute discount codes.

Error Mitigation: Generating quotes manually poses a risk of human errors, potentially resulting in financial losses and unsatisfied customers. Nevertheless, standalone CPQ software necessitates manual updates for any changes in component prices. In contrast, when integrated into your ERP, the CPQ functionality ensures automated updates, minimizing errors in pricing, measurements, and configurations.

Real-time Communication: ERP facilitates seamless communication between departments, ensuring that all relevant information is accessible during the quoting process. Examples of data include inventory levels, production scheduling, and material costs. CPQ complements this process by allowing real-time collaboration on product configurations and pricing during the sales cycle. The result is timely and accurate quote generation.

Frontier ERP-CPQ

Frontier ERP with built-in CPQ offers a multitude of benefits for companies seeking streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency. The seamless integration of CPQ within the ERP system empowers custom manufacturers to create accurate and customized quotes swiftly. This ensures that businesses can respond promptly to customer inquiries and secure deals with confidence. The software’s easy-to-use interface simplifies product configuration, pricing, and quote generation, making it accessible for non-experts.

Frontier ERP CPQ goes beyond being the best quoting software. It provides a comprehensive manufacturing management solution. From inventory management to order processing, the software facilitates end-to-end visibility and control. Businesses can also leverage Frontier ERP’s analytics tools to gain valuable insights into sales trends, customer preferences, and overall performance, enabling informed decision-making.


Custom manufacturers face many challenges day-to-day. One of them is the ability to provide accurate and timely quotes for complex orders. The repercussions of quoting errors can be substantial, impacting profits and tarnishing the reputation of manufacturers.

However, the integration of ERP with CPQ emerges as the best quoting software solution to address these challenges. ERP streamlines diverse manufacturing and business operations, providing a cohesive platform for better efficiency, while CPQ focuses on configuring products, determining accurate pricing, and generating quotes. The integration of the two empowers companies to thrive in the competitive make-to-order market.

Frontier ERP with integrated CPQ, makes for the best quoting software and an all-encompassing manufacturing management solution. Ready to learn more? Contact us today!

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