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Sales Order Management for Manufacturers

Managing quotes and incoming customer orders is vital to the health of any manufacturing business. It requires accurate, efficient, and timely sales order management. Without an organized system for quotes and orders, a company risks encountering production errors, wasted resources, and order delays.

Customer requests come in many forms like informal price requests, formal quotations, or confirmed sales orders. Manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems prove vital since they provide access to real-time data. This enables your team to respond to customers quickly and accurately.

Frontier’s Sales Order Management is your software solution for managing quotes and customer orders for manufacturing sales success. Our comprehensive system ensures accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness, guarding against errors and delays. With real-time data access, your team can swiftly respond to inquiries and process orders with precision. From integrated credit management to advanced reporting, streamline your operations and satisfy customers with Frontier ERP.

Frontier Sales Order Management Software

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Frontier is the best manufacturing ERP software for proper quotation and sales order management. The core of Frontier ERP includes configuration, quoting, and ordering solutions through our comprehensive order processing features.

  • Customer preferences like contact information, financial information, and shipping carriers.
  • Product and inventory availability, lead times, and delivery dates are available instantly.
  • Visibility to order status, shipment tracking, invoicing, and payment history,
  • Online product configuration tools for quoting and ordering complex products.
  • Promotions and pricing are included with customer-specific defaults to streamline the ordering process. Define, manage, and report any complex promotions targeted in any way you choose.
  • Integrated credit management ensures customers get the terms they demand, without exceeding set limits.
  • Data integration solutions that accurately pull incoming sales orders from external systems with no duplicates.


Conduct business online easily with Frontier’s eBusiness tools. Fully integrated into the core Frontier ERP, eBusiness provides real-time data access to facilitate online sales successfully. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for customers to place orders even for complex products. The flexibility of Frontier eBusiness allows for custom branding and control over product line offerings.

Frontier eBusiness Products Support:

  • A development environment that can be deployed on any standard web server.
  • Use of an Application Program Interface (API) layer to leverage a single set of program logic and data. This eliminates duplicate maintenance and ensures consistent results across platforms.
  • Secure sign-on and authentication for customers and sales representatives. This provides access to only the information you want them to see.
  • Flexible product catalog functionality to expand on the marketing information provided and group products into logical categories and subcategories for display online.
  • Product images and configuration attributes to simplify the order entry process.
  • Real-time specification, validation, and pricing of complex, configured product orders based on the Frontier ERP engineering knowledge base.
  • Integrated “shopping cart” to build orders, providing functionality to support held and repeat orders.
  • Real-time update and confirmation of orders into the Frontier ERP system, including visibility to calculated order promise dates.
  • Automatic e-mail confirmation of detailed order acknowledgment from the Frontier ERP system.
  • Seamless integration from a centralized sign-on to track ongoing order and credit status.

Built-in CPQ Software

Process complex online sales orders easily and accurately with Frontier ERP’s built-in Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software. CPQ software functions seamlessly merge with the ERP sales and customer management modules. This guarantees the centralization of all pertinent customer information, quotes, and orders, making them easily accessible to sales and customer service departments. You also receive the strength of our parametric product configurator for advanced configuration and customization. Plus, you can easily display your 2D and 3D product designs to improve the customers’ buying experience with CADFlow.

Reporting and Analytics

An integral facet of an ERP system for manufacturing is its capacity to produce reports and analyze data concerning customer preferences, popular configurations, sales trends, and pricing strategies. This data-driven methodology empowers businesses to make informed decisions and pinpoint areas for enhancement. Frontier’s sales order management software module enables the generation of comprehensive reports that include KPIs important to your business.

sales order management

Quotation Management

Benefit from efficient and accurate quotation management whether orders are submitted by dealers, online, or by your sales staff. All information is directly linked to Frontier ERP and corresponding processes from scheduling and production to invoicing.

eQuote Dealer

Frontier eQuote Dealer is a quotation and sales order management tool that works smoothly with the Frontier ERP system. Dealers or field sales can create precise quotes and place orders more quickly using this add-on. It simplifies the quoting process, leading to quicker production and happier customers. Benefits include:

  • Dealers can create and manage customers and customer quoting preferences within eQuote Dealer.
  • Quotes can be created using standard Frontier pricing or with dealer “markup” for 2nd-tier customers.
  • eQuote Dealer can also be used for direct manufacturer-to-dealer or distributor quoting.
  • Input and manage your online product catalogs with eQuote Dealer as well. This module also allows for product group definitions and detailed product descriptions and images.
  • No additional “configurators” to buy or learn.
  • Rapid deployment using your existing models.
  • Tightly integrated into your existing Frontier workflow with no syncing delays.
  • A solution that grows with Frontier, now and in the future.


DataBroker is another option for transmitting data into the Frontier ERP system, ensuring precision and dependability in data transfer procedures. By facilitating seamless data transfers, DataBroker also improves data handling within the ERP system. This ensures that you have access to current and easily accessible ordering information for inventory and production scheduling.

DataBroker can be used to easily import orders from external stand-alone online design tools. It reduces errors by eliminating the need to manually re-enter orders.

Frontier ERP accepts sales order integration through many means. They include DataBroker, an EDI-like transaction, by configuration code, Customer SKU, or UPC. The configurator checks inventory levels and forwards the order to production for scheduling and manufacture.

Pricing and Promotions

Get the flexibility you desire to create and control various pricing setups. Offer discounts or marketing deals to particular customers or types of customers. Analyze different pricing scenarios based on prices, customer types, products, attributes, and time frames. Your users can track costs and sales volumes to see how well each pricing setup is working as well.

See it in Action

Effective management of quotes and incoming orders is essential for manufacturing success. Frontier’s ERP Sales Order Management Software with CPQ offers real-time data access and streamlined processes. With features like integrated credit and customer management and tools like eBusiness, eQuote Dealer, and DataBroker, you can rely on accurate data handling and seamless order processing for greater efficiency and growth.

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