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Financial Software

Tightly integrating the financial aspects of your business with sales and operations is an important key to reducing costs and expanding margins. Frontier ERP’s financial software makes this integration seamless.

When data is entered at any point in the system, it is automatically available in the General Ledger and in other relevant modules. This can greatly speed transactions through the system and eliminate errors caused by data re-entry. It also allows you to see accurate, up-to-the-minute information at any time — no more waiting for week-end or month-end reports!

Each Frontier Financial Management software module gives users the ability to see data at any imaginable level, from enterprise-wide roll-ups, down to the smallest detail on a specific customer’s order. Frontier’s support for multiple plants, divisions, companies, and currencies provides you with virtually unlimited growth and acquisition options as your organization expands. Additionally, most modules are Internet-enabled, allowing users to get information when and where they need it.

The Frontier Accounts Payable financial software module is fully integrated with the Purchasing & Receiving module to quickly validate vendor invoices against authorized purchases and accepted purchase receipts. Frontier iPayables is an Internet-based inquiry application that provides enhanced visibility into open and historical payment details, as well as analysis of open Payables information.

The Frontier Accounts Receivable module supports all of the organizational activities associated with credit management and cash collection. This application is tightly integrated with the Sales Order Management and Shipping and Billing modules to provide real-time credit visibility and streamline the processing of customer invoices. Frontier iReceivables provides enhanced visibility into open and historical Receivables details, as well as providing visibility to analyze open Receivables information.

The Frontier Credit and Collections module provides the tools and information to manage credit and cash exposure for active customer accounts proactively. This application is integrated with the Frontier Sales Order Management module to automatically apply user-defined credit limits and past-due rules against incoming sales orders.

Friedman Corporation has established partnerships with selected software application providers to bring industry-leading Payroll and Human Resources functionality to our customers. We will work with you to determine which of our partners’ products will best address your needs.

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