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About Friedman

Friedman Corporation offers industry-specific applications for the complex, high-volume, make-to-order manufacturer, specifically for the window, door, cabinet, and furniture industries and other industries that engineer, build, or assemble to order.

We help manufacturers:

  • reduce employee costs
  • reduce lead-times
  • increase customer service levels and
  • provide growth in revenues without adding significant costs

By allowing custom manufacturers to remain focused on your area of manufacturing expertise (not software development), we can help you grow strategically and profitably into the future. Consider a partnership with Friedman.

Our History

Friedman Corporation, headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois (USA), was founded in 1980.

The first release of Frontier, Friedman’s ERP software, was developed for the IBM System 38 and was then converted to the IBM AS/400 in 1989 when the IBM AS/400 was introduced. The IBM AS/400 was the predecessor of the IBM iSeries.

Since those early days, the Friedman Corporation has focused its sales on high-volume custom manufacturers. This focus was primarily driven by the introduction of the Frontier Product Configurator back in 1989.

In May 1999, Friedman Corp. was acquired by Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) under its Vela Software Group. The Friedman Operating Group, now known as the FOG Software Group, was formed as ongoing acquisitions made it necessary for efficient organization and management.

Since the 1999 acquisition, we have continued growing and have hundreds of customers, primarily in North America. The vast majority of these customers are running the Product Configurator in order to control the ordering and dynamic configuring of their custom products.

In addition to growing the Frontier customer base, CSI and Vela have completed many acquisitions under the umbrella of the FOG Software Group. With these acquisitions, we can offer customers a choice when selecting the right solution and platform for their business.

CSI has been publicly traded on the Canadian stock exchange (Symbol: CSU) since 2006, and is the largest software company in Canada. The success and growth realized in company revenues and shareholder value over that period have been second to none.