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Simplify Electronic Data Capture with Frontier DataBroker

Does managing customers’ EDI orders feel like an uphill battle? Are you tired of wasting time manually entering complex orders? Custom manufacturers encounter many challenges during their day-to-day operations – electronic data transfers shouldn’t be one of them. Eliminate the hassle and welcome efficient electronic data capture with Frontier DataBroker.

Frontier DataBroker is the solution to your electronic ordering requirements for both configured and non-configured products. Deeply integrated with Frontier ERP, our electronic data capture module revolutionizes the way you receive and process sales quotes, configurations, and orders. DataBroker enables you to accommodate the diverse ordering needs of your customers without significant investments in custom programming that traditional methods require.

Where Traditional EDI Falls Short

Traditional EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transfers often struggle with the process of capturing and processing electronic data accurately. They frequently require extensive custom programming to adapt to different formats, leading to delays and data entry errors. According to EDI Academy, EDI integration, data accuracy, security risks, collaboration issues, and flexibility are common challenges when companies rely solely on EDI data transfers. These issues are not only frustrating but also leave your customers waiting for quotes and products.

DataBroker Simplifies Electronic Data Capture

diagram of EDI electronic data capture and transfers

Why use traditional EDI when you can transfer in any format with DataBroker’s flexible electronic data capture? DataBroker is a great supplement to your online ordering website.

Unlike traditional EDI solutions, DataBroker can streamline data collection and improve data quality from different formats, even EDI. These include traditional EDI formats like X12, XML, CSV, plain text files, FTP uploads, emails, and even files from popular design layout tools such as AutoDesk and ProKitchen. DataBroker’s flexibility allows for capturing customer quotes and orders in their preferred format without the need for additional programming.

DataBroker’s seamless electronic data capture and transfer capabilities not only ensure precision but also improve data management within the ERP system. As a result, you gain access to real-time ordering information for better inventory management and efficient production scheduling.

Adaptable Workflows for Effortless Data Management

DataBroker doesn’t just capture real-time data; it empowers you with adaptable workflows tailored to your business needs. Your customers have the option to choose what to do with the purchase orders you import. They can either turn them into quotes, keep them as sales orders, or have them processed immediately. With extensive pricing validation rules, you can ensure that orders align with your pricing policies, minimizing errors and discrepancies.

Efficient Error Correction

Electronic data capture workflows are designed to be resilient, allowing error correction without disruption. Even if it’s a formatting issue or a mapping error. DataBroker enables you to make necessary adjustments and resume processing orders seamlessly. Email notifications keep you informed of any issues, ensuring timely resolution and minimal impact on customer satisfaction.

All quotations and orders are also kept in the centralized, real-time Frontier database. Orders are automatically run through the product configurator, so only buildable products can be ordered. Plus, your sales department always has full visibility of quotes, order status, and timelines.

Beyond DataBroker: Two-Way Data Exchange

DataBroker works great for electronic data capture. It streamlines getting design and order data into Frontier, but it is a one-way connection. If you need the ability to return information to the sender in real-time, we offer better tools.

eQuote is a ready-made online sales order management tool that enables your sales team, dealers, or end customers to view inventory, schedules, and pricing in real time. eQuote (also called eQuote Dealer) is integrated with Frontier ERP and has all the functionality behind it. Because it accesses your central database in real-time, eQuote has the advantage of never being out of sync.

If you prefer a completely branded experience, our eWeb Services feature enables you to create a real-time, two-way connection between your Frontier ERP data and whatever you choose. This might be, for example, your website, Salesforce.com, or a retailer’s system. As with eQuote, you control what data is exposed, and to whom.

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Improve accuracy, enhance customer satisfaction, and maximize your investment with Frontier ERP and DataBroker today. Experience the difference seamless electronic data capture can make for your business. Contact us for a free demo.