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Product Configuration Management for Manufacturers

Precision and personalization are paramount for custom manufacturers. From engineer-to-order machinery to custom entry doors, meeting client specifications is both an art and a science. Amidst the complexity lies a critical challenge: maintaining control and consistency across diverse product configurations.

Translate and access detailed product development specifications and validation logic of your product lines confidently with Frontier ERP. Our core Product Configuration Management (PCM) tools take the hassle out of managing and maintaining your product configurations. Data is stored in Frontier ERP’s centralized PCM knowledge base, so it is quickly and easily accessible in real-time for sales orders, production processes, online data transfers, remote dealer systems, and more.

Learn about the advantages of our parametric product configuration engine.

What is Product Configuration Software?

Product configuration software is a powerful tool that enables manufacturers to manage and customize their product offerings efficiently. This software helps in creating a variety of product combinations by specifying different configurations based on customer requirements.

Using product configuration software, businesses can streamline the complex process of creating tailored products, ensuring that each variation meets predefined standards and operates within the constraints of the available options.

At its core, product configuration software integrates seamlessly with other enterprise systems, such as ERP and CRM, providing a cohesive flow of information throughout the organization. This integration allows for real-time updates and accurate data management, which are essential for meeting customer demands swiftly and effectively.

By simplifying the configuration process, businesses can reduce errors, accelerate delivery times, and enhance customer satisfaction, ultimately achieving a competitive edge in the market.

Product Configuration Management Knowledge Base

Our PCM knowledge base incorporates multiple independently maintained rule types, data tables, and algorithms associated with each product line. This feature lets PCM logic be shared automatically between different product lines. PCM’s knowledge base can be accessed through Frontier ERP, integrated spreadsheets, or our client/server tool – PCM Workbench.

Tools for Easy Product Configuration Processes

Frontier’s Product Configuration Management (PCM) system includes an array of advanced tools and features designed to streamline the creation and management of rules and configurations for each product line. This enables businesses to handle complex product variations efficiently, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all offerings.

PCM supports automated processes, reducing manual effort and errors, and provides a robust platform for scaling product management operations as business needs grow.

PCM Workbench

PCM Workbench provides access to all parts of a knowledge base from one place by connecting clients and servers. A built-in component of PCM, Workbench users can consolidate and simplify maintenance of new and existing product lines, pricing, and manufacturing data within this single maintenance facility.

In addition, PCM Workbench includes a powerful inquiry tool. Users can fix errors by searching the knowledge base and analyzing data configurations. Easily access specific model information with drill-down options to find the details you need. “Where-used” functionality allows you to view the information by formula, component resource, segment, options list, and more. This makes it easy to implement changes with full visibility of the impact it will have on all other products.

Key benefits of the PCM Workbench:

  1. Eliminate Multiple Steps for PCM Model Modification
    • Implement and create new PCM models with ease with Workbench assistance.
  2. Real-time Change Visibility
    • Rather than sorting through multiple screens, users gain immediate visibility to configuration changes with PCM Workbench’s rich client platform.
  3. Enhanced Execution of Validation and Logic
    • With the PCM Workbench Test Facility, you can validate all PCM logic without generating sales and associated work orders. The simulation includes processing orders, applying pricing, and scheduling production as if they were authentic.

The PCM Workbench Test Facility encompasses real-time:

  • Option List Entry
  • Conditional Options
  • Master Condition Processing
  • Edit & Advice Processing
  • Pricing
  • BOMs & Routings

Product Data Management

Frontier’s robust Product Data Management (PDM) module manages the entire lifecycle of a product’s data. With PDM, users can define and maintain comprehensive product and production data crucial for powering Frontier ERP.

Complementing PDM, Product Configuration Management, and Engineering Change Management collaboratively support the engineering needs of companies producing stock, semi-, and custom-configured products.

Parametric Product Configurator

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Frontier’s Parametric Product Configurator presents a multitude of advantages compared to simpler rules-based models. Enhanced configuration allows for more advanced customization and complex products often required by custom manufacturers. Our configurator is the heart of our Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software built into Frontier ERP. The powerful combination of sales order management and product configuration results in reduced errors, faster quoting, and shorter lead times, even for configure-to-order products.


Frontier CADFlow automates the composition of complex 3D models, drawings, and manufacturing data tailored to each order configuration. It works directly with Frontier’s product configurator to improve accuracy and eliminate data duplications. All customer orders are generated utilizing both your current CAD models and the configuration rules you establish within our ERP CPQ. CADFlow also integrates seamlessly with AutoDesk Inventor.

eWeb Services

Use eWeb Services to combine Frontier ERP data with your website, app, or customer portal. This enables real-time, two-way access to customer, product, and configuration data. Extend Frontier’s robust quoting and configuration capabilities to your applications, whether developed internally or in concert with external web designers or app developers. By providing frictionless access to your centralized database, eWeb Services empowers developers to customize systems to meet branding, marketing, and customer service needs effectively.

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Frontier ERP’s cutting-edge Product Configuration Management capabilities are designed to tackle configuration challenges faced by stock, semi-, and custom manufacturers.

By leveraging these advanced capabilities, businesses can ensure precision, personalization, and efficiency at every stage of the product lifecycle, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and streamlined operations.

To delve deeper into the features and benefits of Frontier ERP’s Product Configuration Management solution or to arrange a personalized demonstration, feel free to reach out to us today.


FAQ About Product Configuration Management for Manufacturers

What is Frontier ERP?

Frontier ERP is an advanced enterprise resource planning software designed to streamline and manage various business processes, from product data management to product configuration, sales order management, and more,

How does the PCM Workbench enhance product configuration?

The PCM Workbench simplifies the process of creating and modifying PCM models by providing real-time change visibility and a robust test facility for validating PCM logic, ensuring accurate and efficient configuration management.

What benefits does the Parametric Product Configurator offer?

The Parametric Product Configurator allows for advanced customization of complex products, reducing errors, speeding up the quoting process, and shortening lead times, particularly beneficial for configure-to-order products.

Can CADFlow integrate with existing CAD models?

Yes, CADFlow integrates seamlessly with existing CAD models, including AutoDesk Inventor, to automate the generation of 3D models, drawings, and manufacturing data based on order configurations.

How do eWeb Services enhance the user experience?

eWeb Services enables real-time, two-way access to customer, product, and configuration data through websites, apps, or customer portals, facilitating a seamless integration of Frontier ERP capabilities with external applications.