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Window Fashion Manufacturing

Manufacturers of window fashions are well-served by Frontier ERP software. That’s because Frontier ERP offers comprehensive to-order and mixed-mode support, design/layout tool integration, and fully integrated dealer order entry for window fashion manufacturing companies.

window fashion manufacturing samples

Window fashion manufacturing software streamlines the ordering process so only buildable, compatible elements can be selected. Global changes make updating easy.

The powerful parametric product configurator at the heart of Frontier is ideal window fashion software for manufacturers of shades, shutters, and blinds who offer complete dimensional flexibility (i.e. tons of options) to the marketplace. With built-in configure-price-quote (CPQ) tools, Frontier ERP delivers a streamlined order process and eliminates errors from manual order re-entering. Request a demo to learn more.

Window Fashion Manufacturing Software Must-Haves


  • Our system supports EDI transactions with mass retailers and catalog companies e.g. Sears, J.C. Penney, Wal-Mart:
  • Sales Orders (850)
  • Acknowledgment (855)
  • Advanced Ship Notice (856)
  • Invoices (810)

Web-based Order Entry

  • Electronic Product Catalog provided on-line to your end consumers or dealers
  • Supports replacement parts and Finished Goods, ordering with full configuration functions
  • No re-keying of orders placed via the web
  • Credit Card approvals and user-generated profiles
  • Acknowledgment communicated to customer on-line
  • Constraint-based order promising is executed for all line items to provide your customers with accurate promise dates at the time of ordering
  • Extensive imaging functions for 2-D and 3-D

Remote Dealer/Rep Order Entry

  • Fully functional quoting and ordering tool supports both remote sales reps and dealers/distributors
  • Includes dealer-specific multipliers and discounts, also enabling dealers to manipulate selling markup or profit percentages to calculate their end user/consumer selling price
  • Tracks Deposit Payments and includes Miscellaneous and computed charges such as delivery and installation
  • Copy feature enables multiple quotes for the same job, providing easy price comparisons, e.g. Roman Shade vs. Wood Shutter for the same order
  • Electronic transfer of orders direct to manufacturer and/or fabricator
  • Electronic upload of all product catalog and pricing updates ensures 100% accuracy of orders and quotes taken in the field
  • Local Customer Database enables dealers to maintain their own set of customers with pricing and discount rules
  • 2D and 3D images and scaled drawings are provided for each line item and printed on quotes
  • Check-in and Check-out facility enables users to check a quote out to support a field measurement process
  • Option for generic quotes that do not require a full configuration for quoting, such as fabric choice

Material Optimization and Machine Integration

  • Production Runs released by the scheduler will create cut files for fabric, header rails, etc, which are then optimized by our lineal and fabric optimizer (ARDIS), including optimization for complex materials like cellular shades.
  • Optimizer controls and utilizes all available remnants before using full rolls, greatly reducing your remnant inventory.
  • Fabric cut requirements can be passed electronically to automated machines.

Ready to learn why the leading window fashion, shade, shutter, and blinds manufacturers rely on Frontier ERP? Contact us today.