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The Frontier eProducts suite of application modules is designed to facilitate doing business over the Internet. The eProducts modules are fully integrated into the Friedman Frontier® ERP system, directly accessing the existing customer, product, pricing, and product configuration data already in place for external customer service use. The flexible design of the graphical user interface can help make even the most complex product lines easy for your customers to understand and to accurately place orders.

eCatalog — Catalog Setup — Designed to set up and manage Internet-based product catalogs, defining product groups, extended descriptions and images. eStore is used with eStock and eConfigure.

eConfigure — PCM Order Management — Provides the functionality to process sales orders for complex, configured products over any standard web browser.

eCredit — A/R Management — Provides AR and Credit information directly to your customers and/or sales representative over any standard web browser.

eManage — Contact Management — Allows your customer to maintain his/her own contact information over the internet, rather than relying on your customer service department to process changes.

e-Quote® — Customer Quotation Entry & Management — For flexible and efficient “business to business” (B2B) quotation entry and management, supporting both stock and configured products.

  • Dealers can create and manage their own customers and customer quoting preferences within eQuote.
  • Quotes can be created using standard Frontier pricing or with standard Frontier pricing with a dealer “markup” for 2nd-tier customers.
  • eQuote can also be used for direct manufacturer to dealer or distributor quoting.

eStatus — Order Management — Supports the functionality to provide sales order status information directly from Frontier to your customers and/or sales representatives over the Internet.

eStock — Stock Order Management — provides the functionality to process sales orders for stock, part number based products over any standard web browser.

Frontier eBusiness Products Support:

  • A development environment that can be deployed on any standard web server
  • Use of an Application Program Interface (API) layer (iConnect) to leverage a single set of program logic and data, eliminating duplicate maintenance and ensuring consistent results across platforms
  • Secure sign-on and authentication for customers and sales representatives, providing access to only the information you want them to see
  • Flexible product catalog functionality to expand on the marketing information provided and group products into logical categories and subcategories for display on the Internet
  • Graphical images of products and product configuration attributes to simplify the order entry process
  • Real-time specification, validation, and pricing of complex, configured product orders based on the Frontier ERP engineering knowledge base
  • Integrated “shopping cart” to build orders, providing functionality to support held and repeat orders
  • Real-time update and confirmation of orders into the Frontier ERP system, including visibility of calculated order promise dates
  • Automatic e-mail confirmation of detailed order acknowledgment from the Frontier ERP system
  • Seamless integration with the additional iProduct customer service modules from a centralized sign-on to track ongoing order and credit status

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