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Internal Order Processing

Frontier Order Processing is the foundation module within the overall Frontier® ERP Order and Customer Management solutions. Order Processing is designed to provide the tools and information to streamline the entry, maintenance, and processing of all types of orders, including quotes. The efficient processing of any order type requires access to a broad range of information, including customer preferences, order history, product options, price promotions, product availability, production lead times, and shipping methods. Regardless if the customer request comes in the form of an informal price request, a formal quotation, or a confirmed sales order, real-time access to business information is critical to quickly and accurately formulate a customer response.

Frontier Order Processing Supports:

  • A centralized quotation and sales order processing system supporting multiple order types and functions
  • Customer-specific defaults and preferences to automate and streamline the order entry process
  • Dynamic product lookups to search and identify the correct product being ordered
  • Automatic conversion of quotes to orders, eliminating re-entry of order information
  • Rapid replication of repeat orders thru the use of customer templates, order history, and order copy functions
  • Multiple product line types, including stock, non-stock, drop shipments, kit bills, and configure-to-order
  • Extensive pricing and promotions functionality to support pricing structures that range from simple price lists to complex discounting structures (See Pricing and Promotions)
  • Integrated inventory availability and order promising to provide accurate promise dates to your customers (See Order Promising)
  • Visibility of substitute and complimentary products to promote larger orders and higher fill rates
  • Integrated credit checking and Accounts Receivable credit management
  • Multiple payment methods including integrated credit card processing
  • Extensive notes and history associated with an order and its associated change orders

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