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Effective Returns Management for Custom Manufacturers with ERPs

returns management

Unlike mass-produced goods, make-to-order products often come with special circumstances regarding merchandise returns. Many products cannot simply be restocked and resold because they are custom-built based on a customer’s preferences. However, custom manufacturers still need to process returns for damages, quality issues, or order errors. From initial customer requests to product rework, an efficient returns process is essential for businesses today. Not only does this process help to maintain customer satisfaction, but it also ensures that your operations run…


Master Supply Chain Optimization with ERP

supply chain optimization

Mastering the intricacies of supply chain optimization is no longer an advantage—it’s essential. In this era of heightened demand for customization, the challenges of supply chain management are more complex than ever, and optimization is crucial. For custom manufacturers, the journey toward streamlined operations and enhanced competitiveness demands a powerful ally. Enter Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Manufacturing ERPs are the cornerstone of operational excellence in today’s dynamic business environment. In this post, we’ll explore common issues in manufacturing…