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Order and Quote Pricing

Frontier Order and Quote Pricing provides the flexibility to define and manage any number of pricing structures, discounts, and marketing promotions targeted to specific customers, groups of customers, or across all customers. The application is designed to support an unlimited combination of pricing scenarios based on different price structures, customers, products, configured-product attributes, and time periods. The Pricing and Promotions module also provides the tools and utilities to track and manage how effective each of the pricing scenarios has been, both in terms of cost and sales volume.

Frontier Order and Quote Pricing Supports:

  • Multi-tier, customer-specific, table-based pricing structure utilizing customer and product information to determine foundation price and associated promotions
  • Effective-date-driven price structures and associated discounts or promotions
  • Multiple foundation pricing structures, including:
    • Standard list price
    • Contract price
    • Multi-variable table-based price (configured product attributes)
    • Dimensional price
    • Formula-based calculated price
    • Cost-plus price
    • User-defined pricing algorithm
    • Any combination of the above pricing structures
  • Multiple discounting structures, including:
    • Dollar-based discounts
    • 3-tier, percentage-based discounts
    • Quantity-break discounts
    • No-charge discounts
    • Surcharges
    • Any combination of the above discounting structures
  • Multiple promotional structures, including:
    • Line item, groups of lines, or total-order based
    • Quantity-, price-, units- or weight-based
    • “Buy X get Y free”-based
    • Any combination of the above promotional structures
    • Manual price overrides with associated security and audit trail

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