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Automated Machine Cutting Mapping in Frontier

Many custom manufacturers rely on the precision and efficiency of CNC equipment for automated machine cutting. Unfortunately, many problems can arise when mapping crucial production specifications from your ERP to equipment programming. Manual re-entry or inadequate custom interfaces often lead to errors, system lockouts, and production delays.

Frontier Cut Part Processing

Cut Part Processing, a feature of Frontier ERP, is designed to close the manufacturing integration loop between production scheduling, material optimization, shop floor equipment, and material handling devices. Core module functions use Frontier ERP’s high-quality configuration architecture for precise and efficient machine-cutting operations. Frontier Cut Part Processing eliminates your mapping issues and puts your company on the road to higher productivity and profits.

How Does it Work?

Cut Part Processing pulls attribute-based product details that are defined and validated through Frontier’s configuration logic. It generates the data required to drive computer-controlled machine cutting equipment and/or manual cut sheets on the shop floor. Product attributes are defined, stored, and utilized based on product line groupings within the ERP. Inheritance logic from parent assemblies, or formula logic maintained at the component level, automatically populates these attributes.

Cut Part Processing Advantages

Since information is pulled directly from the Frontier ERP system, Cut Part Processing eliminates interface or data re-entry issues for the manufacturer. This reduces order delays and production errors during the cutting process while shortening delivery timelines.

CNC machine creating scrollwork connects to millwork software

Accurate Machine Cutting Configurations

Cut Part Processing provides support for both make-to-order and make-to-stock production. This allows configurable attributes for machine cutting to be defined against both component cut parts and MRP-planned stock products. From die-cutting window fashions to laser-cutting stainless steel cafe doors, you can rely on Frontier’s intuitive technology for accuracy. Your company can also reduce excess material waste while delivering large amounts of cut materials cost-effectively, driving sustainability goals and lean manufacturing principles.

Material Handling Sophistication

Cut Part Processing is designed to control and facilitate the identification, tracking, and movement of components between production areas. User-defined material handling devices by plant, product line, and production area serve as the foundation for sophisticated cart/slot logic. The module is bar-code enabled for reporting material movement by individual piece or by cart ID.

machine cutting

Frontier ERP’s Cut Part Processing simplifies machine-cutting configuration mapping and production scheduling.

This approach to material handling ensures that machine-cut parts are properly identified and located within the system. That way users can easily generate and track cart/slot locations from downstream production areas for easy material transfer.

Cut Product Batching

We understand that having the ability to schedule machine-cutting batch runs is vital for production. Cut Part Processing uses Frontier’s integrated iSchedule application for batch runs. Cut part files are created from the parent production run and the components’ product line(s). These detailed files include precise manufacture sequences and are sent to the shop floor when production runs are released.

Manufacturers with computerized production equipment can rely on the simplicity and accuracy of Cut Part Processing. Cut part files automatically convert to the needed product or machine cutting format and then send to the required location for production. The system also works with manual cutting operations and can be configured to produce user-defined cut sheets for these production areas as well.

Real-time Visibility

View cut part files by warehouse location and product line in real-time. Cut Part Processing can also display intricate configuration details and interface mapping outputs for both configured parts and MRP components.

Comprehensive Equipment Interfaces

Cut Part Processing currently supports pre-packaged interfaces to several common optimization and equipment packages. The supported machine-cutting equipment list will continue to expand as new equipment interfaces are developed.

Cut Part Processing includes pre-developed interfaces for various equipment including:

  • ARDIS – Panel & Lineal Optimization from EuroSoft, Inc.
  • LinealMate – Lineal Optimization from PMC Software
  • WinIG – IG Fabrication Software from GED

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