The Best ERP Systems for Manufacturing are User-Friendly

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Custom manufacturers implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to increase efficiency and optimize processes. However, using an ERP system for manufacturing with a complex user interface is counter-productive. Note that all ERP systems are not created equal. The best ERP systems for manufacturing are those that include user-friendliness along with their valuable features.

Red Flag Scenario

Have you ever had this frustrating experience?

EmployeeX’s job is to generate ERP reports, however, they are out sick today. You need a production report for today’s meeting with your largest customer, so ask someone else to run it immediately. They reply, “I can’t because it’s too hard to use. Only Employee X can run reports.”

Nobody wants to find themselves in that position. Be aware of ERP systems for manufacturing that are too complex for your daily users. Poor interfaces go against the system’s purpose and can cause customer service conflicts, delayed orders, and lost sales.

 Challenges of Complicated ERP Interfaces

  1. Training Bottlenecks: Training new employees on a complicated ERP system can be a major bottleneck for manufacturers. Employee training will take longer which may still result in lower ERP skill retention and the need for additional training sessions. This hinders productivity and efficiency as workers struggle to get up to speed.
  2. Frustration and Disengagement: When employees are confronted with a confusing ERP interface, frustration inevitably follows. This frustration can lead to employee disengagement and dwindling enthusiasm for system use, ultimately undermining its effectiveness.
  3. Errors and Inefficiencies: Complex interfaces increase the likelihood of errors and inefficiencies in your manufacturing processes. Whether it’s inventory management errors or overlooking important production steps, mistakes can harm your company and its reputation.
  4. Complex Product Configuration Problems: ERP systems for manufacturing that are difficult to use can lead to issues with product variations. Without easy navigation and clear prompts, employees may struggle to update configurations accurately. A poorly designed ERP system, or one that cannot tell a buildable configuration from one that can’t be produced, can hinder effective configuration management, leading to costly mistakes and inefficiencies.

What Makes ERP Systems for Manufacturing User-Friendly?

User-friendly ERP systems prioritize error-proofing and ease of use. They include intuitive interfaces with clear layouts, streamlined workflows, and helpful prompts. Easy-to-use ERP systems for manufacturing minimize the need for extensive training by guiding users through tasks seamlessly. This empowers users to unlock the full potential of the software.

Advantages of Easy-to-Use ERP Software

Manufacturers that implement a user-friendly ERP receive the largest benefit from the software’s features including:

Increased Productivity

Time is money in manufacturing, and a user-friendly ERP system can significantly boost productivity. With intuitive interfaces, your employees will spend less time grappling with the software and more time focusing on core tasks. This streamlined workflow translates into faster production cycles and quicker decision-making.

Reduced Training Costs

Training employees on complex ERP systems for manufacturing can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. However, with a user-friendly system, there is a smaller learning curve. This means less time spent on training sessions and more time spent on actual work. In the long run, this can result in substantial cost savings for your business.

Higher Adoption Rates

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Frontier ERP’s user-friendly interface helps manufacturers increase productivity and reduce errors for greater efficiency.

One of the biggest challenges in implementing ERP systems for manufacturing is getting employees’ buy-in. Complex interfaces can be a major deterrent, leading to resistance and low adoption rates. On the other hand, your employees are more likely to embrace a user-friendly ERP system because they feel comfortable using it. The result is a smoother implementation and higher user satisfaction.

Fewer Errors

Complex interfaces are breeding grounds for mistakes. When employees struggle to navigate the system, they’re more likely to make errors that can have costly repercussions. ERP systems for manufacturing that are easy to use minimize the risk of errors by guiding users through each process on the screen.

User-Friendly Frontier ERP for Error-Free Operations

With Frontier, you benefit from the best ERP systems for manufacturing that are also easy to use. Our comprehensive suite provides your company with industry-specific processes for better efficiency and optimized operations.

Better, Easier Product Configuration

Your company benefits from better product configuration tools with Frontier ERP’s integrated CPQ software. CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote – at the heart of Frontier’s user-friendly sales order management tool for product configuration.

Our parametric product configurator guarantees that only correct and compatible choices can be selected from a predefined data set. For example, a client can pick a custom couch with tan tweed fabric. However, they can’t choose neon green tweed since it isn’t an available tweed color. This simplifies the ordering process and minimizes errors in production.

Best of all, your sales team, dealers, and order entry folks don’t need to memorize a huge binder of possible configurations. That’s because all the data lives in your instance of Frontier ERP and can be accessed at any time, from anywhere you choose. All orders are run through the configurator and only buildable product orders can be processed.

Mistake-Free Manufacturing

Frontier ERP also includes user-friendly MES software that directly limits what users can do wrong in the system. The automated shop floor management and tracking intuitive interface simplifies navigation and walks employees through each step of production. With paperless screen interfaces, the production data is always up-to-date.

Frontier ERP allows for customized displays and filters to match specific production needs, giving users more control over their experience. That way there is no need for costly and time-consuming programming interventions.


Complex ERP interfaces undermine efficiency and can lead to costly errors and delays. The best ERP systems for manufacturing prioritize ease of use, streamlining processes, and boosting productivity. But note that the best systems are by no means simplified! Custom and semi-custom manufacturers need all the robust features of an advanced ERP with the complex configuration engine running behind the scenes.

Frontier ERP exemplifies this approach with intuitive interfaces, customizable features, and integrated tools like CPQ and MES software. From product data management and inventory control to quotes and orders, you can rely on the easy-to-use features of Frontier ERP to optimize your custom manufacturing operations.

To learn more or see a demo of Frontier ERP, contact us today.

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