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Improve Product Data Management with Frontier

Custom manufacturers are buried under mounds of product and production data every day. The stress of maintaining accurate data can be exacerbated when data sets need to be accessed by multiple production facilities under one company. From numerous chair colors and configurations to precise glass cuts and window assemblies, the amount of data can be quite overwhelming for manufacturers if not managed properly.

Product Data Management (PDM) is a comprehensive system designed to manage all product-related information throughout its lifecycle. This includes data ranging from initial design and development stages to manufacturing, distribution, and even post-production support. Essentially, PDM serves as a centralized repository for product data administration.

PDM systems typically include:

  1. Design Data: Storing and organizing CAD files, drawings, schematics, and other design-related documents.
  2. Bills of Materials (BOM): Maintaining detailed lists of components and materials required to manufacture products.
  3. Specifications and Documentation: Storing product specifications, requirements, standards, and any associated documentation essential for understanding and producing the product.
  4. Revisions and Changes: Tracking all changes made to product designs and documents.
  5. Collaboration Tools: Supports communication and collaboration among stakeholders involved in the product lifecycle, allowing for seamless sharing of information and feedback.

Better Functionality with Frontier PDM

product data management

As a core part of our ERP software, Frontier Product Data Management provides all the features necessary to manage your company’s part-number-based engineering records. Features include BOM creation, maintenance and reporting, product routings, and work center maintenance. Frontier ERP PDM features provide where-used inquiry functions for improved engineering record management.

Frontier PDM includes tools to define and maintain an extensive product and production ERP database. Along with Product Configuration Management, Frontier supports the engineering requirements of both stock and custom-configured products.

ERP Enabled Product Data Management

Frontier PDM delivers many benefits to custom manufacturers in varying industries.

  1. Seamless Data Flow: Unlike external PDM systems, there is no need for data integration with Frontier. One system ensures that product and production data seamlessly flows between product and production. This streamlines operations and reduces the risk of errors by eliminating manual data entry or data duplication.
  2. Revision and Version Control: Frontier Product Data Management ensures that all stakeholders are working with real-time versions of product designs, specifications, and documents. This helps prevent errors resulting from working with outdated information and ensures consistency across the manufacturing process.
  3. Improved Efficiency: Automated processes such as inventory management, procurement, and production planning optimize workflows and improve productivity. This eliminates duplicate work and facilitates data reuse to improve operational efficiency and achieve cost savings.
  4. Enhanced Collaboration: Frontier ERP Product Data Management fosters collaboration between departments involved in product development, such as design, engineering, manufacturing, and finance. By eliminating data silos, Frontier enhances communication and teamwork, leading to more efficient workflows and faster decision-making processes.
  5. Accurate Costing and Pricing: Our PDM software enables access to the product information and financial data in the ERP system. Therefore, your company can more accurately calculate product costs and set pricing strategies. It ensures that pricing decisions are made with the actual production costs in mind, leading to improved profits.
  6. Compliance and Traceability: Frontier enables businesses to maintain traceability and compliance throughout the product lifecycle. By linking product data with ERP functions such as quality management and regulatory compliance, businesses can ensure adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  7. Risk Mitigation: Frontier Product Data Management helps mitigate the risk of data loss or security breaches by implementing robust data security measures, access controls, and backups. By safeguarding valuable product-related data, Frontier reduces the risk of intellectual property theft, unauthorized modifications, or loss of critical information.

Frontier PDM Supports

  • Centralized item master file across all plants/warehouses to maintain standardized product naming conventions, categories, and descriptions
  • Production-related information maintained by plant/warehouse to account for production variations between facilities
  • Production routings to define the product’s manufacturing processes, along with acceptable alternatives
  • Product structures (BOMs) to define the required components, along with acceptable alternatives, associated with the production of the product
  • Production departments, work centers, and machines to define cost and capacity constraints associated with the production facility
  • Inventory replenishment guidelines to drive material planning and suggested replenishment orders
  • Foundation cost data for calculating rolled costs and the associated overhead of all manufactured products

In short, the comprehensive PDM capabilities that are already part of our core system mean you don’t need a point solution to solve your product data management issues. You just need Frontier ERP!

For more details on Frontier ERP and PDM Solutions, contact us today.