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Inventory Management

Frontier Inventory Management is designed to help an organization manage, plan, and analyze inventory investment across the entire production and distribution network. The Frontier ERP System has been developed around a multi-plant foundation, supporting flexible levels of inventory control and planning methodologies for both stock and customer-specified products. Frontier’s iInventory is a web-based inquiry application designed to provide enhanced visibility and drill down into Frontier-based inventory status, requirements, replenishment, and transaction history.

Frontier Inventory Management supports:

woman at laptop in office checking inventory management

Inventory management is made easy from any web browser with iInventory.

  • A multi-plant database foundation providing centralized visibility and management of inventory requirements, replenishments, and availability across all plants and warehouses
  • Flexible levels of inventory control defined by product and plant/warehouse, including a basic four walls inventory, location control, lot traceability, and serial number tracking
  • Time-phased inventory availability with detailed pegging of on-hand inventory, replenishments (purchases, plant transfers, and returns), and requirements (customer, production, and plant transfers)
  • Sophisticated warehouse management functions with user-defined logic to support automated material put-away, location letdown, and material movement operations
  • Detailed inventory audit file tracking to record inventory transaction information, with flexible inquiry and reporting to support the review and analysis of audit transactions
  • Multiple inventory planning methodologies, including Reorder Point (ROP), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Drop Shipments, and Sales Order Discrete
  • Integrated forecasting methodologies based on product sales and/or historical material usage models
  • Summary and detailed inventory management reporting to help manage inventory shortages as well as excess inventory situations

Frontier iInventory supports:

  • A development environment that can be deployed on any standard web server and utilizes an Application Program Interface (API) layer to leverage Frontier ERP-based application program logic and data
  • Inventory Audit File – Inquiry into historical inventory transactions supporting multiple inquiry prompts, summary and detailed views of the information retrieved, as well as integrated drill-downs into transaction-level details
  • Overall Inventory Availability – Inquiry into summarized, time-phased inventory requirements, replenishment, and availability, supporting flexible buckets (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly) and date ranges, as well as integrated drill-downs into sales, production, plant transfer, and purchase order-level details
  • Manufacturing Inventory Availability – Inquiry into summarized inventory requirements, replenishment, and availability for exploded component parts based on the Bill of Material definition, supporting integrated drill-downs into detailed component availability

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