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RF Reporting and Tracking

RF reporting automatically captures and allows you to track material and personnel movement, work steps, and transactions within the Frontier ERP system using barcoding and radio frequency identification (RFID).

Our radio frequency (RF)-based transaction processing provides real-time validation and RF reporting updates to the Frontier ERP System. Designed around the concept of an intelligent product “license plate,” it establishes a unique identity for each person, workstation, and individual part as orders move through the production and fulfillment process.

RF Reporting Supports:

hand with a bar code hovering above representing rf reporting

RF reporting increases visibility and efficiencies throughout the company.

– Reporting and tracking for both stock and customer-specified products with a single, centralized system supporting:

• Purchase Receipts
• Purchase Returns
• Product Movement
• Physical Inventory
• Cycle Count
• Production Reporting
• Production Operation Reporting
• Truck Loading and Validation
• Product Consolidation / Skid Pack, and more.

– Generation of formatted bar code labels based on user-defined events within the production and distribution process, as well as the ability to reprint labels as required.

– User-defined setup of critical production operations where bar code reporting is required, supported by summary and detailed production status inquiry screens.

– Real-time validation and confirmation of bar code transactions being reported to eliminate errors and duplicate scans.

– Application screens designed to support RFID technology, as well as less expensive alternatives such as keyboard wedges, conventional terminals and PCs.

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