Solving Your Order Management Nightmare

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Order Entry Frustration: From Pain to Plan

Dear manufacturing order management team,

We get it. The daily grind of manually re-entering order data from various sources into your manufacturing ERP can be maddening. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, over and over again. The inefficiency and potential for errors can be soul-crushing, and you’re not alone in this struggle.

We’ve heard your cries of frustration, and we’re here to tell you – we understand. Not only that but there are efficient ordering management solutions, even if you manufacture customized products that you build to order.

A Tale of Order Management Woes

Meet Sarah, a dedicated order-entry specialist at a manufacturing company just like yours. She starts her day by sifting through screens of emails and a pile of faxed orders, all in different formats. Then comes the stack of handwritten orders, followed by a barrage of phone calls from customers placing orders over the phone.

Sarah has a daunting task ahead of her. Her job now is to manually enter each order into her company’s manufacturing ERP software. It’s not just time-consuming; it’s mentally exhausting. And the fear of making a costly data entry error looms over her like a dark cloud.

One day, after a particularly grueling morning, Sarah had enough. She thought, “There must be a better way.” Fortunately, she is right.

A World Without Order Entry Pain

Imagine a world where Sarah’s morning is different. She sits down at her desk, logs into her company’s Frontier ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, and smiles.

Orders from the company website and from the dealer portal all flow seamlessly into the system, without her lifting a finger. The software is so easy to use that there are no more random faxes and emailed sales orders. It’s a good customer experience and good for sales reps and dealers too.

The ERP software intelligently captures each order. The system’s product configurator validates each quote, instantly updating inventory, checking finished goods, and modifying production schedules. The software sends purchase orders for any needed raw materials and generates accurate lead times.

Now, Sarah can focus more on customers and sales teams, ensuring she provides excellent customer service. Order-entry errors are virtually eliminated. Sarah’s confidence in her work soars. She can better support the sales process and help meet customer demands.

Your Path to Resolution

Now, let’s make that world without the pain of manual order entry a reality for your company. Here’s a clear path to resolution:

Step 1: Discover Frontier ERP’s Order Management Solutions

Step 2: Schedule a Demo

  • Contact our team to schedule a personalized demonstration of our software for manufacturers of complex products.
  • Discover how the Frontier product configurator guarantees that customers can only order buildable products.
  • See firsthand how the right software solution transforms order entry.

Step 3: Arrange Implementation

  • Select the options or modules to meet your unique needs.
  • Work with our experts to implement Frontier ERP order management seamlessly with your production process and throughout the company.

Step 4: Enjoy Sales Order Efficiency

  •  Watch as your order entry hassles and mistakes fade away.
  •  Enjoy newfound efficiencies and fewer errors in your build-to-order, custom manufacturing processes.

Reflect and Act

Now, it’s time to reflect. Are you ready to say goodbye to the nightmare of manual order entry? Are you willing to usher in a new era of order management efficiency and accuracy? The choice is yours.

Consider what you could achieve if you could redirect the time and energy spent on manual data entry into order management strategies to grow your business.

Take Action Today

Replace the pain of manual ordering bottlenecks and errors. With Frontier ERP software, you’ll enjoy a streamlined and efficient order management solution. One that can drive growth and a more successful manufacturing business. Connect with us today.

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