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ERP Software for IBM i Power, iSeries

Frontier is world-class ERP software for IBM, built for companies who want the reliability and robustness of the IBM platform. Deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud, this powerful enterprise solution is optimized for the IBM i Power platform (AS/400 ERP, i Series ERP). Friedman ERP software for IBM Silver Business Partner logo

Our close technical relationship with the IBM i development team ensures Frontier software continues to be optimized for the IBM i operating system. We have been focused on software for the IBM platform since our start in 1980. Friedman Corporation is continually updating and optimizing our solutions to bring customers the latest software and hardware technologies for the very fast, very stable, and very secure IBM platform.

The Best ERP for Complex, Custom Manufacturing; MTO, ETO, ATO Products.

Frontier ERP software is optimized for engineer-to-order (ETO), make-to-order (MTO), assemble-to-order (ATO), job shop, and project-oriented manufacturers and service contractors where flexibility is essential.Request a demo of Frontier ERP software for IBM i

Frontier’s powerful configurator handles both make-to-order (MTO) and make-to-stock products with ease. This means you need far fewer SKUs to track all your options and customizations. As a result, your company can be more agile and profitable by minimizing the amount of capital tied up in inventory.

Frontier ERP Software and IBM: Industries Served

Friedman Corporation and IBM have a strong alliance and a partnership focused on our joint customers. This ensures our combined hardware and software solutions are ideal for diverse industries, including:

…and many others.

Frontier ERP is available as an on-premise or hosted solution on IBM Power servers.

Ready to grow? Our software scales beautifully!

Frontier ERP software supports single-site, multi-site, and multi-currency businesses. Our ERP software for the IBM i on Power system (Series ERP, AS/400 ERP) is installed throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

If your current ERP software for IBM i solution no longer meets your needs or no longer supports the IBM Power i, iSeries, AS/400 platform, it’s time to talk with the experts at Frontier.

ERP Software for IBM Power i System | iSeries | AS/400

Frontier software is built from the ground up for the IBM i O/S using IBM’s native toolset and database. Our software was first developed on the IBM System/38 under the name of HFA. We were among the first to commit to the platform when IBM introduced the IBM Application System/400 (AS/400) in 1988. As a result, we quickly optimized HFA software to run on it.

HFA was renamed Frontier in 1998, and Frontier v 1.0 was released that July. IBM renamed the AS/400 to iSeries in 2000. Thus, Frontier was one of the first AS400 ERP software for IBM solutions available for IBM users when the IBM AS/400 family of computers was introduced. Today it is available as an on-premise or cloud-hosted ERP. Cloud hosting is preferred by many of our customers who desire high availability.

Yes, Frontier ERP Software Runs on IBM POWER10 Systems! 

IBM launched the Power10 CPU architecture in 2020 and has since been rolling out its latest family of Power Systems. Frontier 4.0 and later have been tested on IBMi 7.4 and run smoothly. Clients have reported running earlier versions as well without issues. Frontier solutions on POWER9 are also fully supported. Frontier certification is based on IBM i O/S releases, and with POWER10 running IBMi 7.4 and POWER9 supporting IBM i 7.2 and IBM i 7.3 there is a wide choice of support options for all the Frontier releases. Our intimate knowledge of the IBM platform is just one reason you can depend on Frontier ERP software for your business.

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