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Frontier Manufacturing Management System

For Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling Excellence

Manufacturers realize many benefits from Frontier ERP for improved business and manufacturing processes. An extension of our robust ERP’s power is Frontier’s Manufacturing Management System. Our integrated production planning and scheduling modules help you minimize your overall inventory investment, reduce your lead times, and streamline critical vendor relationships.

Frontier employs the latest just-in-time manufacturing philosophies, sophisticated production scheduling tools, and automated material ordering and payments in our manufacturing management system modules.

Manufacturing Management System Modules

Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

Frontier MPS provides user-defined rules to optimally manage production backlogs, fulfilling customer commitments. Frontier iSchedule* is our integrated MPS application that uses a powerful browser-based production and capacity planning tool with advanced scheduling capabilities. iSchedule accesses material, capacity, customer, product, and shipping information from the ERP system to generate production schedules across multiple lines and plants.

With iSchedule, you can plan your assembly lines, feeder cells, and subassembly areas to move work orders efficiently through your plant. It allows access to the latest set of customer orders, requiring no batch processing of work order backlog. The scheduler can also view and manipulate recently processed sales orders entered by customer service. Plus, the status of any order, at any stage in production, is available with just a few clicks.

*Integrates with Frontier Capacity Planning for capacity restraints and allows for automatic suggested purchase, production, and transfer order generation.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) & Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)

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Our integrated Manufacturing Management System modules use the foundational functionality of Frontier ERP for the best operational efficiency.

Manufacturers rely on precise demand forecasting and minimal errors with MRP and DRP systems. Frontier’s fully integrated MRP* and DRP* reduce errors since any specification or order changes happen in real-time. With Frontier MRP’s capacity to scrutinize past inventory records and forecast upcoming material needs, proactive material planning is much easier.

Frontier MRP and DRP manufacturing management systems support Kan-Ban-based material planning. Whether for a single plant or across all locations, our MRP/DRP can initiate purchase orders from Frontier ERP. This ensures the timely availability of raw materials and components needed for production and reduced order lead times.

*Integrates with Frontier Capacity Planning for capacity restraints and allows for automatic suggested purchase, production, and transfer order generation.

Re-Order Point (ROP)

Another manufacturing management system application that can be integrated with Frontier ERP is Reorder Point (ROP).

Frontier ROP instantly calculates suggested inventory reorder points based on order history and forecasts. Frontier ERP maintains this data at the product and plant/warehouse level. Frontier ROP automatically generates suggested purchase orders based on pre-established inventory reorder and/or line points. You can also set this per product and plant/warehouse location.

Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)

Frontier supports both rough-cut and detailed capacity planning. This allows you the flexibility to leverage capacity constraints within Sales Order Processing, Material Planning, and Production Scheduling.

Cut Part Processing

Frontier Cut Part Processing generates optimal machine-cutting plans for raw materials. This enables your company to get the most usable cut components from every piece of raw stock while reducing manufacturing waste. Cut part staging logic is based on user-defined material handling constraints. It also places cut parts together in inventory for easier transition to assembly operations.

Service Manager

Frontier Service Manager module provides manufacturers with the ability to streamline and centralize field service management of all pre-measure, installation, and repair claim service requirements. Seamless Frontier ERP integration allows for booking, scheduling, planning, tracking, and recording the completion of all related service activities. Under serial number control, product and BOM details are available ownership and repair history over the life of the product.

Service Manager supports the following:

  • Record Service Requirement: Pre-defined service categories support the service order processing by allowing service parts to inherit data from existing Frontier order processing.
  • Technician Assignment: The service dispatch calendar function coordinates open service requests and assigns technicians and vendors based on location, availability, and skill set.
  • Schedule Service Call: Service Manager leverages the existing foundation of Frontier order promising to define technician availability and the availability of manufactured sub-assemblies. This ensures that all claim-related factors are considered before scheduling.
  • Cost Service Call: Service work orders are created to track material and any associated labor requirements. This allows detailed cost tracking for service calls, including labor and parts.
  • Service Order/Claim Tracking: Frontier keeps track of all service orders that are still in progress. You can check the status of your claim, including the scheduled date and time. You can easily see open service orders online. Pick from different viewing options to track and schedule individual technicians, teams, or service regions.
  • Consolidated Claim Reporting: Collect statistical failure information, service level performance, and cost of service data for later analysis with robust Frontier reporting. This helps to reduce expenses and improve service and product quality.

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