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Production Scheduling

Production scheduling that works the way your business works! Frontier ERP software is designed to support mixed-mode manufacturing environments, providing flexible methods of production line scheduling based on an organization’s business model, product lines, and production requirements.

The Frontier ERP System supports traditional work-order-based scheduling under a FIFO (first in/first out) model, production-run-based scheduling centered on user-defined grouping criteria, as well as just-in-time-based KanBan scheduling. Enjoy the benefits of lean manufacturing with efficient production scheduling using Frontier ERP.

laptop and overlay of production scheduling

Efficient production scheduling is an essential component of lean manufacturing.

Production Scheduling Supports:

  • Daily scheduling of production work orders based on actual setup and run times.
  • Interactive, finite constraint-based work center scheduling to adjust and manipulate planned schedules to meet material, labor, and efficiency objectives.
  • Forward and backward scheduling of production orders based on anticipated start or completion dates.
  • Automatic scheduling of lower-level component orders based on parent-level start/completion dates and established lead time offsets.
  • Manual, KanBan-based scheduling of selected items based on standard production lot sizes and minimum-available-inventory targets.
  • Scheduling is based on grouping similar items into overall production batches or runs with defined sequences for production execution (iSchedule).

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