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Kitchen & Bath Cabinet Manufacturing Software

Manufacturers of kitchen and bath cabinets, countertops, office and closet built-ins, and other semi-custom furnishings face unique challenges. By offering customers a lot of options, for example, the ordering process can be very complex. That’s why cabinet companies with complex ordering processes need the right ERP manufacturing software. Choose the right cabinet manufacturing ERP software and you will save time, prevent errors, streamline your quotes, and improve customer satisfaction.

Enter Frontier cabinet manufacturing software from Friedman Corp.

Frontier ERP software has been tailored to the needs of cabinet manufacturers for over four decades. Thanks to years of customer suggestions and requests, Frontier software is now the ideal tool for running your cabinet manufacturing company. Our software and our people have the experience and industry expertise your kitchen, bath, or fine furniture cabinet manufacturing business needs to succeed.

Cabinet Manufacturing Software Must-Haves

Kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturers face significant industry challenges in these four areas:

  1. To-order manufacturing. Many cabinet manufacturers build to customer and dealer specifications. These specs can vary from order-to-order. Dimensions, colors, materials, finishes, and other options and configurations can be different for every job. To manage this, you need software that can help you present these options without overwhelming the customer. It’s essential that customers can only order options on compatible products. 
  2. The dealer channel. Cabinet manufacturers often do not deal directly with the end consumer but with a network of representatives. Dealers often have to bid for jobs. As a result, manufacturers must be able to quickly provide accurate quotes to help their dealers win contracts. 
  3. Design/layout tool integration. In the kitchen and bath space, dealers and designers use standard tools for laying out entire rooms, including all cabinets and countertops. Dealers and designers want to be able to upload their designs and, in return, get a quote within minutes. 
  4. Mixed-mode manufacturing. Larger manufacturers in the cabinet industry often have a mix of build-to-order (for the dealer network) and build-to-stock (for a mass-merchant channel). This requires ERP software that works with both types of manufacturing. Similarly, the software must be able to manage inventory and generate delivery dates for both product types.

Frontier ERP software helps kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturers meet these challenges and more.

Frontier is a complete, to-order, and mixed-mode cabinet manufacturing software.

For manufacturing, Frontier ERP software integrates easily with the most popular design and layout tools.

For sales, Frontier ERP software has a fully-integrated, online dealer order entry system that is synced with your inventory and our powerful configurator. Only buildable orders can be entered, saving your customer service team significant time on follow-up.

The powerful configurator in Frontier is ideal for cabinet manufacturers who build to order. That’s because it allows all of your options to be mapped to the right products. As a result, Frontier ERP gives kitchen, bath, and closet cabinet manufacturers complete flexibility for creating and building custom orders.