7 Reasons Why CPQ Software is Crucial for Cabinet and Furniture Manufacturers

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In today’s competitive marketplace, cabinet and furniture manufacturers need to be able to quickly and easily configure, price, and quote (CPQ) products.

Configurator software provides a powerful solution that enables manufacturers to create custom configurations of their products and then generate accurate pricing and delivery dates based on those configurations. 

What Is CPQ Software?

CPQ software, or configure-price-quote software, is a type of enterprise software that allows businesses to configure and price products and services for sale. You can use a CPQ application to automate sales, from product configuration and quoting to order fulfillment and billing.

CPQ software is commonly used in manufacturing, engineering, aerospace and defense, electronics, high-tech, and medical devices. It can be hosted on-premises or accessed through the cloud. 

If you’re a kitchen and bath cabinet or furniture manufacturer, here’s why you should consider implementing CPQ: 

1. Accurate Pricing

One of the primary benefits of CPQ software for cabinet and furniture manufacturers is that it can help to ensure that pricing is accurate. This is crucial because accurate pricing ensures that quotes are accurate and margins are maintained. With CPQ, manufacturers can set up rules and regulations for pricing, which can help to ensure that all quotes are accurate.

2. Improving The Quoting Process

A faster quoting process is only one of the advantages of CPQ software. This is important because faster quoting thanks to product configurator software can lead to faster sales.

With CPQ, manufacturers can automatically generate quotes based on customer specifications. This faster procedure can save significant time since manually creating quotes can be time-consuming. In addition, CPQ can often check inventory levels and the current manufacturing schedule to provide realistic delivery dates.

3. Automation

CPQ software can help automate the quote process. Automation is essential because it can improve accuracy. With CPQ, manufacturers can set up rules for quoting, which can ensure accuracy and streamline the process. 

The configurator rules ensure that only buildable products can be specified. This reduces all the order entry and customer support calls currently needed to clarify customer or dealer selections. With a configurator in place, only buildable options can be selected.

Plus, a CPQ application can generate automatic follow-up reminders or additional information on make-to-order.

4. Focusing on the Customer

Another benefit of CPQ software is that it can help manufacturers to focus on the customer. At the end of the day, customers should always be a business’s top priority. 

With CPQ, manufacturers can create individualized quotes based on customer specifications. This can help ensure that each customer feels as if they are receiving a customized quote, improving customer satisfaction levels.

5. Product Visualizations

CPQ software can also help manufacturers to create product visualizations. Product visualizations give potential customers a clearer understanding of the products being offered, and the options available, making this an important aspect of the sales process. 

Product visualizations can also help increase sales as they may make products more appealing to customers. With CPQ, manufacturers can create 3D models or other visuals of their products, which can be helpful in both the quoting process and sales presentations.

6. Reduced Errors

CPQ software can also help to reduce errors in manufacturing quotes and orders. This is because CPQ automates many steps in generating a quote or an order, reducing the chances of human error. CPQ typically includes built-in validation checks during the order process. These are important for catching errors before they can cause problems downstream in the manufacturing process.

7. Increased Efficiency

Finally, CPQ software can help cabinet and furniture manufacturers to increase their overall efficiency. By automating tasks and providing accurate information, CPQ helps manufacturers to avoid mistakes and wasted time or materials. CPQ software helps manufacturers close more sales in less time.

Wrapping It Up

Cabinet and furniture manufacturers need product configurator software to help them with pricing accuracy, a faster quoting process, automation, customer focus, product visualizations, error reduction, and increased efficiency. If you’re a kitchen and bath cabinet or furniture manufacturer, consider using CPQ software to improve your business.

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