Top Trends for Custom Window Treatment Manufacturing

custom window treatment manufacturing

It can be challenging to stay ahead of trends while maintaining efficiency in the dynamic world of custom window treatment manufacturing. Every year, new trends emerge. Manufacturers of window fashions, shades, blinds, shutters, and other window treatments will know that today’s buyers are trending towards more sustainable materials, wireless controls, and bold statements for their window treatments.

Custom window treatment manufacturing companies are turning to advanced solutions in technology to optimize operations and meet customer demands. Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software is designed to meet the unique needs of custom manufacturers. Discover the benefits of CPQ software for curtain, blind, and shade manufacturers in the evolving landscape of window fashions.

Trends in Custom Window Coverings

Before we explore the transformative role of CPQ software, we’ll review what is trending in custom window coverings. Window treatment manufacturing companies are gearing up to meet these demands by offering an extensive range of designs that are:

  • Sustainable: More customers insist that the products they purchase are eco-friendly. This applies to responsibly recycling manufacturing waste, using recycled or natural textiles, and biodegradable shipping materials.
  • Smart: Smart homes with connected appliances, lighting, and climate control are on the rise. Window treatments that include technology integration are no exception. Whether operated through a device like Alexa, Siri, or remote control, more consumers desire wireless control of their window fashions.
  • Personalized: Window treatments that have bold colors and dramatic patterns are becoming more popular in interior decor. Buyers increasingly desire custom designs that make a statement, whether it be in their home or company.
  • Security: A custom shade or blind manufacturer already offers many product options from varying sizes and operating mechanisms to textiles and colors. Window fashion creators must keep in step as buyers increasingly make privacy and security a priority. Orders for custom privacy screens, black-out curtains, or roller blinds will continue to rise.
  • Energy efficiency: With energy costs increasing, consumers are finding new and unique ways to reduce their utility bills. Many are now seeking window treatments that improve insulation and lower energy consumption.

Manufacturers of window treatments should take note of these emerging trends in buyer behaviors as they relate to custom-designed window fashions. But how can CPQ software help them meet these demands?

How Does CPQ Software Work?

customize, cpq, configurator

The power of Frontier ERP with integrated CPQ is designed for the unique needs of custom manufacturers.

CPQ plays a vital role in the custom manufacturing process through its easy-to-use platform. It simplifies the configuration and pricing of highly personalized products for customers, dealers, and sales representatives.

The true potential of CPQ software is realized when it is incorporated into an ERP system. Some shade, curtain, and blind manufacturers still rely on standalone online configurators. However, the lack of integration with an ERP system can result in errors and missed opportunities. To unlock the full operating benefits of CPQ software for manufacturing, it should be combined with an ERP.

In such a scenario, the window fashion software becomes the ordering and quote pricing brain through CPQ product configuration. The parametric product configurator empowers manufacturers to generate various product variations without requiring intricate coding or manual adjustments. This simplifies the management of product variations, reducing SKUs while guaranteeing precision in customer orders.

The product configurator tool embedded in ERP software for window treatment manufacturing enhances its benefits, extending well beyond the traditional Configure, Price, and Quote functions.

Utilizing ERP CPQ software is a strategic move in window treatment manufacturing to meet diverse customer demands. The ERP provides a centralized platform for managing various aspects of the manufacturing process. Included are financial management, production scheduling, order fulfillment, inventory, and more.

Without such an embedded system, companies must keep their data up-to-date in more than one location. This often requires re-entering orders from an online configurator into the production ERP to connect the front-end processes of CPQ with the back-end operating functions of window treatment manufacturing.

8 Benefits of Integrated CPQ Software for Window Treatment Manufacturing

Now, our focus shifts to the key player in this transformation – integrated manufacturing CPQ software. In crafting custom window coverings, staying efficient while meeting customer expectations is a constant challenge. That’s where an ERP system with built-in CPQ software optimizes the process for window treatment manufacturing, resulting in greater efficiency.

window treatment manufacturing closeup of a motorized roller shade.

Frontier ERP includes advanced CPQ software to properly configure custom window blinds and shutters, reducing potential errors in window treatment manufacturing.

1. Streamlined Customization and Enhanced UX

CPQ software simplifies the customization process by utilizing a product configurator. For example, a window blind manufacturer can offer customization options like fabrics, colors, and styles. The CPQ system will have set parametrics to ensure that the size chosen for a custom blind is valid. This saves time and ensures that customers get exactly what they envision with just a few clicks.

2. Error Reduction

Mistakes can be costly in custom blind, curtain, or shade manufacturing. CPQ software minimizes errors by automating the complete configuration process. Integrated visualization capabilities allow everyone to see how the configured product will look in real-time. This eliminates misunderstandings, reduces errors, and enhances collaboration and customer satisfaction during the sales process.

3. Efficient Pricing

Calculating prices for custom window fashions involves juggling various factors. CPQ eliminates the hassle. CPQ ensures dynamic pricing based on material costs, labor, and other essential elements supplied by the manufacturer’s ERP system. Window treatment manufacturers can provide precise quotes to dealers or end customers quickly, fostering transparency and trust.

4. Quick Quote Generation

Generating custom quotes and orders used to be a time-consuming process for companies in make-to-order window treatment manufacturing. CPQ simplifies this task by pulling data directly from the product configurator software. This speeds up the quoting process and ensures that manufacturers present customers with professional quotes that reflect accurate pricing.

5. Accurate Delivery Estimates

Meeting delivery deadlines is crucial for any company. CPQ software built into an ERP system considers production lead times and material availability to provide realistic delivery dates. This helps manage order processing to meet customer delivery expectations.

6. Sustainable Operations

As noted above, consumers often prefer products from a sustainable business. CPQ streamlines processes, reducing the need for rework due to errors. This not only saves resources but also eliminates waste, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

7. Future-Ready Approach

Of course, being adaptable is foremost in the make-to-order window fashion industry. Embracing CPQ and its innovative product configurator positions window treatment manufacturers at the forefront of technology. This approach ensures that the company can navigate industry trends, stay competitive, and continue delivering exceptional custom window coverings.

8. Improved Operational Efficiency

Lastly, an ERP system with integrated CPQ software enhances overall operational efficiency. By automating complex processes, companies in window treatment manufacturing can allocate resources more effectively. By reducing manual tasks with automation, companies can focus on creating high-quality custom window treatments for their customers.

The benefits of ERP software with embedded CPQ tools for custom window fashion manufacturing are vast. From simplifying customization through product configuration and reducing errors to enhancing the customer experience and optimizing the production process, CPQ is a game-changer. This is especially important for a manufacturing industry where precision and personalization are paramount.


As businesses in window treatment manufacturing navigate the trends of the new year, efficiency remains at the forefront of their operational goals. An ERP CPQ solution proves to be a valuable asset for manufacturers looking to optimize efficiency and remain competitive. In addition, embracing CPQ software positions companies at the forefront of window fashion industry trends.

Window treatment manufacturing stands to benefit significantly from Friedman’s Frontier ERP software solution. Our comprehensive support provides for to-order and mixed-mode manufacturing, integration with design/layout tools, and fully integrated dealer order entry capabilities. The robust CPQ parametric configurator within Frontier makes it the ideal software for manufacturers of custom window fashions.

For more details on how Frontier ERP can transform your window treatment manufacturing company, please click here.

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