Demand Rises for Custom Smart Home Products

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In an age marked by rapidly advancing technology, the smart home is at the forefront of modern living. Homeowners and business owners increasingly seek intelligent solutions that extend beyond conventional interior design. They desire custom smart home products that showcase their style and add convenience to their lives.

This trend paves the way for custom manufacturers to play a pivotal role in the future of decor automation. From custom smart blinds to smart furniture, windows, and doors, intuitive interior design is transforming indoor spaces. This blog looks at smart living spaces and how businesses can increase efficiency with CPQ for making custom home products.

The Smart Home Revolution

Smart homes are becoming more popular, changing how people interact with and control their living spaces. Homeowners are looking for ways to enhance convenience, security, and energy efficiency through the integration of smart home devices. These gadgets improve the user experience by smoothly blending technology into daily routines. While smart lighting, thermostats, and security systems are commonplace, a demand also exists for innovative custom products with connectivity.

Intelligent Workspaces

Smart workspaces represent a transformative shift in the approach to work and productivity. Whether located in a home or office, the workspace concept has evolved beyond a desk and a chair. A smart workspace integrates cutting-edge technology to create an area that is functional, intelligent, and adaptive.

Intelligent workspaces leverage automation, IoT devices, and integrated systems to enhance efficiency and create a personal work environment. Today’s buyers desire everything from smart furniture that adapts to ergonomic needs to voice-controlled window treatments that optimize natural light. The smart workspace is an example of how technology can elevate the working experience.

Redefining Smart Products

An article from Manufacturing Dive states, “The concept of smart products … is fast becoming a reality in the manufacturing world.” Make-to-order manufacturers are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this automation trend by creating personalized, intelligent products not traditionally considered ‘smart.’

mobile device controlled blinds

Customized blinds that incorporate smart home technology are in high demand.

Consider a smart home office with custom furniture that adapts to individual preference settings. Or window shades that can be controlled from a mobile device. Or doors that lock with a simple voice command.

The potential for custom smart home products is vast. Now is the time for custom manufacturers to integrate these advanced features into their products.

Smart Windows: Beyond Panes of Glass

Windows and window treatments are evolving into intuitive components of a custom smart home ecosystem. Smart home window treatments can now automatically adjust tint and position to regulate light and temperature. Windows can open and close according to a connected timer. Buyers are seeking more automation over manual operation for their window products now.

Consider smart skylights for a moment. Imagine a skylight that adjusts its transparency based on the time of day or weather conditions. Or one that can open and close using a smart device with voice assistance. Bringing the beauty of nature indoors while enjoying the benefits of advanced technology offers a personalized experience.

Smart Doors: Beyond Security

The concept of a smart home door goes beyond conventional keyless entry systems. Biometric authentication, integrated cameras, and smart locking mechanisms are transforming doors into intelligent gatekeepers. Such options include unlocking doors for visitors, contractors, or package deliveries even when the owner is halfway around the world. Manufacturers can now offer beautifully custom-crafted doors while partnering to provide an integrated, secure, and technologically advanced entry solution.

Smart Furniture: Adapting to Lifestyles

Smart furniture is a rising trend in smart homes and workspaces. Buyers seek custom options that seamlessly integrate with their lifestyle. Some examples include a smart desk that adjusts its height based on posture or a coffee table that doubles as a wireless charging station. Custom furniture manufacturers can tap into this market and offer personalized, intelligent solutions that blend technology with aesthetics.

The CPQ Advantage for Custom Manufacturers

configure price quote

Frontier ERP with built-in CPQ software speeds up the quoting process and reduces production errors.

Custom manufacturers can confidently enter the intelligent design marketplace by adding innovative configuration software into the equation. Also known as CPQ, Configure, Price, Quote software provides businesses with the right tools to manufacture smart products efficiently. This allows companies to compete in the custom smart home product industry without compromising quality craftsmanship or resources.

  • Accurate Configuration: CPQ software streamlines the configuration process, enabling manufacturers to integrate smart features into their products seamlessly. The powerful product configurator tool allows buyers many customization options while maintaining predefined product-based parameters. Whether it’s custom smart home windows, doors, or furniture, CPQ ensures efficient and accurate product manufacture.
  • Real-time Quotes: Sales teams have access to real-time data to instantly generate accurate quotes through CPQ. This expedites the sales process and instills customer confidence in their smart home product’s precise pricing, accuracy, and delivery.
  • Reduced Errors: The complexity of manufacturing smart products requires precision. CPQ software minimizes product configuration and quoting errors, ensuring that the final product directly aligns with the customer’s expectations. By simplifying the project management process, CPQ also increases operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By providing a user-friendly interface for customization, CPQ enhances the overall customer experience. Buyers and dealers can easily tailor orders for smart home shades, doors, windows, cabinets, and furniture without frustration. This fosters satisfaction and loyalty in the product, brand, and manufacturer.
  • Adaptability to Market Trends: The smart home landscape is always evolving. CPQ tools equip custom manufacturers with the flexibility to adapt to similar emerging trends through parametric product configuration. This ensures that their make-to-order products meet the evolving needs of buyers now and long term.

ERP CPQ for Custom Smart Home Manufacturing

The intricate nature of smart home technologies demands a streamlined and efficient process from conception to delivery. Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system equipped with built-in CPQ software benefits custom smart home product manufacturers. It saves time and improves overall customer service.

An integrated ERP with CPQ capabilities enables manufacturers to manage a wide range of product configurations effectively, ensuring accurate and customized solutions for customers. This enhances the speed of the quotation process but also reduces errors and minimizes the risk of miscommunication. Additionally, the integration allows manufacturers to have real-time visibility into inventory levels, production schedules, and cost structures, facilitating better decision-making.


As more consumers want smart home products, custom manufacturers can use their expertise to shape the future of home automation. They can do so by crafting intelligent windows and window treatments, doors, cabinets, and furniture by using a manufacturing ERP with integrated CPQ. The synergy of custom manufacturing and smart technology positions manufacturers at the forefront of innovation in the rapidly expanding custom smart home product industry.

Frontier ERP includes a powerful CPQ product configurator to meet the unique needs of custom manufacturers. Contact us to set up a demo today.

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