Custom Millwork Software: The CPQ Advantage

CNC machine creating scrollwork connects to millwork software

In the world of wood and metal millworking, craftsmanship meets technology in a true partnership of creativity and precision. Manufacturing quality and efficiency are crucial, whether crafting wood or metal railings, custom cabinetry, furniture, windows/glass, doors, or window treatments.

This delicate balance can be challenging to maintain. The industry has its unique needs, such as custom orders and a myriad of design variations. However, a solution is available to streamline operations and deliver outstanding products while reducing errors. Enter custom millwork software in the form of Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) tools coupled with a parametric product configurator.

Learn how an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system with CPQ millwork estimating software addresses wood and millwork industry challenges for greater accuracy and efficiency.

Wood and Millwork Industry Challenges

The metals, wood, and millworking industries face a multitude of challenges. Custom design variations like material and build types demanded by customers compound the processes further.


Custom orders are the lifeblood of the industry, whether it be for cabinets, furniture, doors, or stair rails. Wood and millworking companies strive to cater to individual tastes and designs. However, they need to do so in a cost-effective way.

Design Diversity

The industry’s vast array of product configurations requires an extensive catalog of designs, colors, and materials, leading to a complex manufacturing process. Managing this diversity is challenging but essential to meet customer needs.

Efficiency and Cost Control

Striking a balance between efficiency and cost control is an ongoing challenge. Materials management, production scheduling, and order accuracy are all key components for cost-effective custom manufacturing.

Errors and Returns

Precision craftsmanship is critical for specialty pieces whether it is cabinet scroll designs or metal frame angles. Errors in design, manufacturing, or assembly can result in costly returns, rework, project delays, and dissatisfied customers.

The ERP Millwork Software Solution

Wood and metal product manufacturers should choose an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with built-in, custom millworking software tools. Having both the CPQ software and parametric product configurator within your ERP millwork software streamlines ordering and the manufacturing process. These features include the design, price, and manufacture of custom millwork products like cabinetry, furniture, and intricate metalwork.

ERP millwork software enhances the customer experience. In fact, ERP CPQ allows customers to order exactly what they want, calculate the price, and provide a quote all in one system. Frontier ERP includes CPQ plus a parametric product configurator so materials selection in custom design orders are to spec.

How ERP for Millwork and the Metals Industry Works

Quality ERP millwork software can improve your workflow from ordering through manufacturing to delivery.

The woodworking and metal finishing industries both require special designs, different styles, and careful, accurate work. These manufacturers require technology that addresses their specific needs, reduces costs, and saves time while maintaining high-quality standards.

1. Improved Work Flow

The automated nature of an ERP CPQ and a parametric configurator accelerates the sales process by generating accurate quotes. Additionally, the best millwork estimating software calculates precise lead times, enabling better customer communication and optimized project management for the production line.

2. Collaborative Design Process 

Custom woodwork and metal processes often involve collaboration between manufacturers and clients. Custom millwork software that facilitates customer engagement is essential for a collaborative design process, allowing real-time adjustments. It also eliminates order errors in communication between the sales team and customers regarding dimensions or material type.

3. Flexible Design Options 

Though distinct in their materials and processes, woodworking and metalworking share a common challenge. A need for flexible design solutions that cater to individual customer preferences. This requires an adaptable approach, one that allows for intricate detailing and personalized touches. Moreover, the ability to adjust the designs of standard pieces based on specific customer requests is a shared necessity.

Amidst the shared challenges of customization, both woodworking and metalworking find a common ally in ERP CPQ millwork software. The best software for millwork is equipped with a parametric configurator. This software solution becomes a central tool for manufacturers, making it easy and efficient to process work orders accurately. The parametric configurator’s mathematical precision ensures that changes in design during the sales process seamlessly translate into the production process.

4. Material Variation 

Unlike mass-produced items, both the custom millwork and metals industries work with a diverse range of raw materials. In custom millwork, the variations in wood species, finishes, and other options can be extensive. This requires an ERP CPQ software solution to seamlessly integrate these elements into the design and production processes.

The metals industry operates under specific properties and fabrication industry standards for various materials, necessitating tailored ERP CPQ millwork software for metals service centers. This ensures the accurate representation of and fabrication to material specifications, improving processing efficiency.

ERP computer software for millworking companies and metal fabricators significantly reduces the complexity of managing material variants in inventory management and ensures order accuracy.

metal fabricating millwork software ensures consistency in production as shown in this pile of C beams

Millwork software for fabrication shops ensures orders are built to spec.

5. Parametric Design 

Millworking and metal fabrication come with a myriad of design variations and production technologies. Therefore, having ERP millwork software with parametric product configuration capabilities is crucial.

The parametric design allows for mathematical control over elements. ERP CPQ software that pulls directly from CAD designs decreases manual math inputs. This ensures that changes to one aspect of the custom order automatically adjust related elements.

Only buildable products can be ordered. This boosts customer satisfaction. It’s also a time-saver for sales, customer service, and production teams.

6. Complex Geometry and Engineering 

Custom metal fabrication and woodworking technology frequently involve complex geometric shapes and intricate engineering, often represented by CAD designs. ERP CPQ millwork software used in this industry must handle these complexities, providing accurate representations and ensuring the possibility of manufacturing such designs. Manufacturer-supplied industry standards like product strength and durability are preset by the parametric configurator within the millwork software.

7. Machining and CNC Compatibility 

Precision machining and CNC compatibility are paramount in woodworking and metal fabrication. ERP millwork software must seamlessly integrate with these technologies, allowing for streamlined metal fabrication, efficient manufacturing processes, and accurate representation of machined details.

Custom wood and millwork utilize specialized tools and CNCs to carve, shape, and refine wooden components with meticulous accuracy. The best millwork optimizing software, ERP CPQ with parametric product configuration, integrates with your equipment to facilitate a smooth interaction between the machining processes and the overall manufacturing workflow. This helps to streamline production while ensuring that each piece meets the exact specifications laid out in the design.

Similarly, in metal fabrication and precision machining, CNC processes are essential for transforming raw metal materials into intricately shaped and precisely engineered components. ERP millwork software for metal fabrication seamlessly interfaces with CNC machines to once again ensure that the manufacturing process is efficient.

5. Quality Assurance Standards 

Both the woodwork and metals industries are subject to stringent quality assurance standards. ERP CPQ parametric product configurators support quality control measures like coating, craftsmanship, and durability, ensuring that the final product meets industry-specific standards and regulations.

To balance flexibility, customization, and efficiency the custom millwork and metals industries benefit from ERPs with built-in CPQ and parametric product configuration. This allows for diverse materials in custom woodwork and the ability to handle complex engineering in metal fabrication. Manufacturers reap the rewards of an efficient custom ordering process while still adhering to industry quality standards.

The Benefits of Frontier ERP

friedman logoFrontier ERP is made for the millworking and metals industry. It integrates all the power of an innovative resource planning system, CPQ, and an advanced parametric product configurator for streamlined operating efficiency and accuracy. Frontier ERP millwork project management software also includes financial accounting and offers optional modules for advanced warehouse management and shipping, providing a complete, comprehensive solution for make-to-order manufacturers.

  • Frontier ERP millwork software provides an innovative and user-friendly CPQ with a product configuration platform. This streamlines customizing and ordering products by presenting a range of options, features, and materials. It allows for the creation of tailored designs that meet individual customer requirements.
  • The Parametric Product Configurator ensures that design changes are mathematically controlled. This is crucial for achieving precision in custom millwork and metalwork. It also confirms structural integrity.
  • Frontier ERP is designed to scale seamlessly with your company. Whether your business spans a single location or extends across the globe, Frontier ERP millwork software can connect and grow with you. The internal CPQ feature effortlessly adjusts to determine which location has available materials for manufacture, plus caters to localized customer demands.
  • ERP CPQ with parametric configuration empowers your customers to navigate through product options and make informed choices. This contributes to an overall improved customer journey.
  • The automated configuration process reduces the likelihood of human errors and production mistakes that can occur without proper cabinet and millwork estimating software. This, in turn, translates to notable cost savings and an enhancement in your bottom line long-term.
  • Using a configure, price, quote solution as part of Frontier ERP also optimizes materials use and ordering, saving your company money.


The metal fabrication, wood, and millworking industries face unique challenges related to customization, design diversity, efficiency, and precision. Choose your ERP millwork software wisely and it will improve productivity and overall operations. Look for one that includes CPQ with a parametric product configurator.

Frontier ERP provides a comprehensive approach to managing resources, optimizing manufacturing processes, and delivering customized products efficiently within one millwork software system. Make-to-order wood and metal product manufacturers can unlock their company’s potential with Frontier ERP’s CPQ and configurator advantages.

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