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Manufacturing Management

One of the biggest benefits of Frontier is the enhanced efficiency it brings to your manufacturing operations. Leveraging the latest just-in-time production philosophies, Frontier’s Manufacturing Management modules minimize your overall inventory investment. Frontier helps you reduce your lead times with sophisticated production scheduling tools. Automated materials ordering and payments streamline your relationships with vendors. And, you can always find the status of any order, at any stage in production, with just a few clicks.

Manufacturing Management on Your Terms

Workers in manufacturing management discussing operations and looking at a computer laptop

Manufacturing management offers the flexibility to use the systems that work best for your business needs.

Frontier supports:

  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)
  • Re-Order Point (ROP) and
  • Kan-Ban-based material planning

This enables your company to work the way you want while gaining greater efficiencies.

Inventory Management, from simple four walls to detailed serial number tracking, provides the level of control you desire. Under serial number control, product and bill of material details are available to the Service and Warranty module for ownership and repair history over the life of the product.

Frontier supports both rough-cut and detailed capacity planning, providing your organization the flexibility to leverage capacity constraints within Sales Order Processing, Material Planning, and Production Scheduling.

Frontier Production Scheduling provides user-defined rules to optimally manage production backlogs, fulfilling customer commitments. Material, capacity, customer, product, and shipping information is available to generate production schedules across multiple lines and plants.

Material Optimization and Staging generates optimal cutting plans for raw materials, so you get the most usable cut components from every piece of raw stock. The staging logic is based on user-defined material handling constraints, locating cut component parts together for the transition to subsequent assembly operations.

Taken together, Frontier’s Manufacturing Management modules give you more control and greater profitability by helping you plan and produce faster, with less waste and greater accuracy.

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