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Advanced ERP Data Management

For manufacturers, success often hinges upon effective data management. Frontier ERP supports this principle and includes a comprehensive data management solution to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and fortify data security.

At the core of the Frontier ERP system is a master data library, for our customers their “single point of truth.” This repository eliminates data silos, ensuring that disparate departments operate from a unified source of information. For manufacturers striving for excellence, a centralized data repository with robust ERP data management capabilities is indispensable.

Frontier’s approach to ERP data management builds on a sound foundation, comprising master files, inventory files, and sophisticated security features. These components form the bedrock upon which manufacturing success is built.

Master Files

Frontier ERP’s heart lies in its master files which include customer, vendor, and item master records. These files serve as the cornerstone of the system, housing vital information that governs different aspects of your business interactions.


Frontier customer master files hold detailed customer information, like contact details, buying history, credit terms, and other important data. By centralizing customer records, departments can access real-time information from one source. This guarantees data accuracy in quote generation, sales order management, and invoicing.

Frontier ERP data management also helps you gain insight into your customer base. This allows you to enhance customer relationships and prepare targeted marketing strategies.


Much like customer master files, vendor master files offer a comprehensive repository of supplier information. Frontier ERP vendor files include a master vendor list, contact details, payment terms, and performance metrics. With centralized vendor records, businesses can efficiently manage their vendor relationships, optimize procurement processes, and ensure timely delivery of goods and services.

Item Masters

Item master files are vital for proper, real-time inventory control and pricing. Frontier’s item master library stores essential details about products, such as descriptions, configurations, pricing, units of measurement, and stock levels. Businesses can benefit from maintaining accurate and up-to-date item masters through improved inventory visibility, reduced stockouts, and optimized supply chain operations.

Inventory Files

erp data management

Frontier users rely on comprehensive security management features and robust master file organization as part of our ERP data management system.

Complementing the master files are Frontier’s inventory file masters. They provide the data source that allows you to monitor and manage inventory levels across the organization. These are an integral part of Frontier’s ERP data management for efficient operations.

Inventory Segment Records

Within Frontier ERP, inventory segment records provide granular insights into product categorization. This enables you to classify inventory items based on attributes such as type, size, color, or location. By organizing inventory into logical segments, you can streamline warehouse operations, optimize storage space, and expedite order fulfillment processes.

Lot/Location Records

Lot/Location records offer manufacturers unparalleled visibility into inventory movement and tracking. These critical Frontier ERP files help you monitor stock movements, track expiration dates, and ensure regulatory compliance with ease.

Security Management

Users who rely on Frontier ERP to improve efficiency and productivity understand that maintaining data integrity and protecting sensitive information is more important than ever. Frontier provides a robust toolkit of security management features that enable system administrators to enforce access controls and uphold data confidentiality.

User Access Control

User access controls allow administrators to assign role-based permissions for accessing different areas of the Frontier ERP system. By aligning access privileges with job responsibilities, businesses mitigate the risk of unauthorized data access or manipulation, bolstering data security and compliance efforts.

Frontier ERP goes beyond basic access controls by offering file and field-level security capabilities. This allows administrators to restrict access to critical data fields within master and inventory files. By implementing fine-grained security policies, you can safeguard proprietary information, protect against insider threats, and maintain data integrity across the organization.

Audit Trails and Compliance

Keeping detailed auditing records is essential for manufacturers to uphold data governance and protect sensitive information. Frontier ERP data management allows you to provide complete audit trails for compliance. These enable comprehensive tracking of user actions and system activities.

You can demonstrate rules compliance, ensure security, and minimize risks by maintaining thorough audit records. These records can include information on data breaches and instances of rule violations. This practice also helps you identify vulnerabilities and address security concerns promptly should they occur.

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