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Enhanced Procurement Management for Manufacturers

Frontier Procurement Management helps you manage the business activities associated with material procurement, quality control, and vendor management. The Purchasing and Receiving module is tightly integrated with other Frontier ERP modules to automate material requests and the processing of vendor payments. An Intranet-based inquiry application, it is designed to provide enhanced visibility and drill down into purchases, requisitions, and historical performance.

Procurement Management Supports:

procurement management

Frontier’s Procurement Management features include purchasing and receiving tools for better supply chain management.

  • An integrated requisition module to review and authorize suggested purchases generated internally by planners or automatically by the Frontier ERP Material Planning modules
  • Integration with the Frontier ERP Product Configuration Management module to support the automatic generation of requisitions for customer-specified, make-to-order purchase parts
  • Comprehensive vendor files to maintain product, pricing, shipping, payment, and contractual terms associated with a vendor
  • An integrated buyer “workbench” to review open purchase requests, providing integrated drill-down into detailed product/vendor information, and automatic conversion to authorized purchase orders
  • Automatic tracking and qualification of vendor performance based on product quality, receipt accuracy, and delivery timeliness
  • Integrated material receipts processing supporting detailed inspection criteria, automatic inventory updates, and flexible product disposition options
  • Import tracking functionality to calculate a product’s landed cost based on the automatic prorating of all associated importing fees and costs
  • Subcontract functionality to authorize and track materials that are at outside vendors for processing
  • Drop shipment functionality integrated with the Frontier ERP Sales Order Management module to automatically process direct shipments from a vendor
  • Flexible inquiry and reporting to provide summary and detailed purchasing commitment, performance, and exception information

iPurchasing Supports:

  • A Java™-based, IBM WebSphere development environment that can be deployed on any standard web server
  • Use of an Application Program Interface (API) layer to leverage Frontier ERP-based application program logic and data
  • Purchasing Inquiry – Inquiry into open and closed purchase order and requisition activity supporting multiple inquiry prompts, summary, and detailed views of the information retrieved. Integrated drill-down into transaction-level details based on the status and type of the purchase order being reviewed.
  • Current Purchasing Analysis – Inquiry into summarized time-phased purchasing requirements against planned demand, supporting flexible buckets (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly) and date ranges, as well as integrated drill-downs into purchase order and requisition details.
  • Historical Purchasing Analysis – Inquiry into historical purchase order activity, performance measurements, and vendor quotation information. The flexible design of the inquiry supports multiple prompts and displays based on user-defined selections, including integrated drill-down into detailed transaction-level data.

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