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Varsity Logistics and Frontier ERP

PARTNER PROFILE: Varsity Logistics

The only holistic shipping solution built for the IBM i

Our partner Varsity Logistics is a leading provider of multi-carrier shipping software native for IBM i (AS/400) Power systems users. Varsity’s plug-and-play software integrates seamlessly with Frontier ERP on IBM i, providing users streamlined shipping operations plus direct access to several management features including sales order and customer management, product data, distribution, financials, and more.

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For over 35 years, Varsity Logistics has stood as a premier provider of multi-carrier shipping software for mid-sized and enterprise retailers, manufacturers, 3PLs, and healthcare providers. Its suite of shipping modules is designed to automate every step of the shipping process. Committed to providing seamless shipping solutions, Varsity aims to enhance the customer experience, boost revenue, and streamline operations, ultimately leading to significant bottom-line savings.

Backed by a seasoned management team with a wealth of experience, Varsity ensures top-notch service and rapid return on investment, with some clients experiencing payback in as few as three months. With over 1,000 distribution centers trusting Varsity’s shipping expertise, businesses can ship confidently, knowing their packages will arrive promptly and affordably.



ShipSoft-Parcel: Manage carrier selection, optimize costs, ensure compliance, and more for high-volume, small package shipping.

  • ShipSelect: Automates optimal carrier selection for shipments based on time, cost, mode, and performance.
  • ShipPack: Reconciles packed items against their pick ticket and generates compliant labels and other package documents.
  • ShipOptimizer: Predicts the precise number of boxes or containers needed and the accurate shipping costs.
  • ShipTalk: Provides real-time delivery status and shipment tracking information.
  • SpeedWeigh: Automatically retrieves accurate package weight, eliminating manual intervention and cost discrepancies.
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ShipSoft-Freight: Automate LTL rating, shipment planning, carrier and mode selection, shipment documentation, and freight audit & payment.

  • FreightPlan: Automates the pre-shipment load planning for both inbound and outbound freight.
  • ShipSelect: Automates optimal carrier selection for shipments based on time, cost, mode, and performance.

Analytics: Access organized and highly detailed historical shipping data to power your analytics and carrier negotiations.

Auditing: Utilize the industry’s first IBM i Series-based shipment auditing solution and avoid overcharges.