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Quotation Management

Configuration and ordering are at the core of the Frontier ERP system. The information entered here is linked to every other module, from manufacturing through financials, for accurate quotation management. Whether your orders come from dealers, over the Internet, or from your own sales staff, Frontier ensures accurate ordering with all available options, within engineering specifications.

  • Product availability, lead times, and delivery dates can be found instantly.
  • Quotes, promotions, and volume pricing are included.
  • Customer-specific defaults streamline the ordering process.
  • Integrated credit management ensures that your customers get the terms they demand, without exceeding the limits you set.

Frontier’s ordering components are also a powerful sales tool. You can define and manage any number of complex promotions targeted any way you choose, then report on the success of those promotions.

Industry-standard ANSI X.12 EDI links your enterprise to both suppliers and customers, speeding exchanges while reducing labor and data re-entry.

Frontier’s eBusiness modules allow your customers to have direct access to the same information as your internal users, within the security limits you and your customers select.

Frontier’s PowerBids Dealer System ensures that your dealers have up-to-the-minute catalog information. PowerBids allows your dealers to configure products and place orders over the Internet while providing their customers with accurate pricing and delivery schedules.

A robust bidding system allows you or your dealers to quote and track large orders with specific delivery dates over a given period of time. This is especially useful for selling to larger builders developing multi-unit communities.

Whether your enterprise produces standard products, custom products, or a combination of both, Frontier’s Quotation Management tools provide your dealers and your customers with all the information they need to quickly and accurately place orders — from a single item to a huge order for hundreds of projects.

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