CPQ for Window and Door Manufacturers

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Transform window, door, and glass manufacturing with the power of CPQ and ERP software.

Precision, customization, and operational efficiency are paramount for manufacturers of windows, doors, and glass. This article discusses how configure, price, quote (CPQ) systems in today’s ERP software are changing manufacturing to tackle industry-specific challenges.

We’ll focus on the needs of custom manufacturers of windows, glass, and doors, and discuss the benefits of CPQ and a parametric product configurator for complex products. You’ll also learn where you can experience industry software including CPQ for window and door manufacturers and glass fabricators.

The Unique Challenges of Window, Door, and Glass Manufacturing

Manufacturers in this industry face a series of distinct challenges:

High Customization Demands

Customers seek tailor-made solutions to meet their specific design preferences and requirements. This increases the complexity of the manufacturing processes.

Complex Pricing Models

Pricing in this industry involves numerous variables, such as size, materials, glazing options, hardware, and many design features. Mistakes can lead to substantial financial losses.

Quick Turnaround Expectations

Customers expect rapid turnaround times, yet the nature of customized products can result in longer lead times. Efficient production scheduling is essential to meet these demands.

Quality Assurance

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Accuracy is a key driver for using an ERP with CPQ for window and door manufacturing.

Windows, doors, and glass products must adhere to rigorous quality standards, including energy efficiency, structural integrity, and safety. Unlike many other products, they are expected to last for decades.

The Synergy of CPQ and ERP: Bolting On vs. Integrated Approach

In addressing the challenges for this industry, ERP manufacturing software is essential. So is the ability to quickly configure, price, and quote custom products.

Companies have two routes when it comes to CPQ for window and door manufacturers’ software. You can add a separate CPQ solution to your ERP system or choose an ERP solution that already includes CPQ. The need for a truly robust configurator further complicates the choice.

Bolting on CPQ may lead to disjointed systems, data silos, complex integration, limited functionality, and reduced agility. On the other hand, an ERP with CPQ for window and door manufacturers offers seamless data flow, effortless implementation, full-spectrum functionality, and enhanced agility. Yes, we’re biased. We also feel strongly about positioning manufacturers for success.

Benefits of an ERP with CPQ for Window and Door Manufacturers

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of CPQ when it’s part of your ERP system, and why it’s the preferred approach for window, glass, and door manufacturers:

1. Real-Time Data Accessibility:

In the highly dynamic environment of window and door manufacturing, real-time data is invaluable. An ERP system with CPQ for window and door manufacturers ensures that all departments share real-time information.

This helps your sales and engineering teams generate quick and accurate quotes using the most up-to-date product configurations.

No more waiting for data updates or dealing with outdated information. Dealers won’t lose deals waiting for your pricing team to generate a quote. End customers can make faster decisions. Speed and accuracy not only enhance efficiency but also significantly boost customer satisfaction.

2. Seamless Workflow Integration:

Manufacturing is a complex process involving multiple stages, from design and pricing to production scheduling and quality control. An integrated system ensures that these stages are seamlessly aligned.

You’ll eliminate bottlenecks, minimize delays, and ensure the efficient use of resources. An optimized production schedule can help manufacturing companies meet tight deadlines without compromising quality.

3. Error Reduction and Precision:

An ERP system with CPQ for window and door manufacturers simplifies complex pricing models, which are often a headache in this industry. CPQ features ensure accurate pricing for every configuration, considering variables like size, materials, glazing options, hardware, and design features. Mistakes are reduced to a minimum, preserving profitability and reputation. You can bid confidently, knowing your pricing is accurate and competitive.

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An ERP with a robust product configurator for window and door manufacturing will reduce errors and waste.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience:

In an industry driven by customer preferences, involving them in the product design and quoting process is a game-changer. CPQ within your ERP system allows dealers and customers to actively participate in this process.

Pricing and configuration is more than just a transaction; it’s a collaborative experience. Customers appreciate the transparency and the ability to see how their design choices influence cost and the final product. This results in higher customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty.

The Power of a Parametric Product Configurator

As the “C” in CPQ, your configurator is fundamental. No CPQ for window and door manufacturers would skip this part. But it’s important to know there are different types of configurators. Some are simple rules-based and are more appropriate for semi-custom products. If your dealers and customers can customize dimensions, you need a parametric product configurator.

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Parametric product configurators take efficiency to a whole new level. These configurators work based on engineering-tested rules and material constraints, and they offer a host of benefits, including:

Accelerated Design Process

Parametric product configurators can call on pre-tested ranges to allow truly custom sizing. This enables quick and accurate product design. These tools expedite the design phase while maintaining precision, a crucial factor in an industry where design intricacies are the norm.

Error Reduction

Automation is key in reducing design errors. Product configurators are designed to automate compliance with industry regulations and quality standards. This, in turn, reduces the risk of costly defects and rework, saving valuable time and resources.

Flexibility and Versatility

In an industry that thrives on customization, parametric configurators offer flexibility to meet various design requirements. They’re agile, adapting effortlessly to design changes. This means less time spent on reconfiguration and more time for efficient manufacturing.


As your business grows, the demand for a broader product range becomes inevitable. Parametric configurators are scalable, allowing manufacturers to expand their product range without overextending resources or causing production bottlenecks. They support your growth ambitions without compromising quality.

Frontier ERP: Meeting the Unique Needs of Window, Door, and Glass Manufacturers

Now that we’ve established the critical importance of an ERP system with built-in CPQ for window and door manufacturers, it’s essential to know there is a solution that aligns with the unique needs of this industry.

Frontier ERP software has a well-earned reputation in the window, door, and glass manufacturing sector. It is a comprehensive industry solution with seamless CPQ functionality, making it an intrinsic part of the manufacturing process.

With a robust configurator at its core and a deep understanding of the window manufacturing industry, Frontier ERP has become a top consideration. This ERP software with CPQ for window and door manufacturers enhances efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Frontier manufacturing ERP has garnered a reputation for its ability to address the challenges of this industry:

Customization Excellence

Frontier ERP empowers window, door, and glass manufacturers to excel in meeting high customization demands. With a robust parametric configurator, customization becomes straightforward and efficient. This ensures every product aligns with your customer preferences.

Precise Pricing

The complex pricing models in this industry are simplified with the CPQ functionality in Frontier ERP. Accurate pricing that accounts for all variables, from materials to design features, is assured. As Frontier ERP includes CPQ for window and door manufacturers, the system helps preserve your profitability and reputation.

Rapid Turnaround

Efficient production scheduling and optimized workflows provided by Frontier ERP help manufacturers meet quick turnaround expectations without compromising quality. Because the CPQ function relies on the same central database, inventory and production are always considered when generating quotes.

Quality Assurance

Quality control is part of Frontier ERP for manufacturing and assembly, ensuring that all products meet the rigorous industry standards for energy efficiency, structural integrity, and safety.

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The integration of CPQ within an ERP system, coupled with the power of a parametric product configurator, is revolutionizing window, glass, and door manufacturing. These tools offer manufacturers the efficiency, precision, and adaptability needed to excel in this dynamic industry. With solutions like Frontier ERP, the unique challenges of this sector are met head-on, leading to greater efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

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