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User Group FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Frontier User Group:

What is the purpose of the Friedman Frontier User Group?

The Friedman User Group was founded in 1989 to provide a support network for system users, and to generate a cooperative environment with Friedman Corporation for the continued development and enhancement of Friedman Frontier software applications and services. The Friedman User Group aims to create an ongoing forum for education, discussion, and problem-solving through its meetings, publications, and services.

Who can join?

Membership in the Friedman User group is limited to those companies that own and use Friedman Frontier software products. A special category of Associate Members includes organizations or individuals who support Friedman software and have been approved by the Board of Directors.

Are there regular meetings? What are they like?

The Friedman User Group holds a user conference every 18-24 months. This three-day meeting includes educational sessions, product demonstrations, group discussions, social activities, and networking opportunities tailored to the needs of Friedman Frontier software users. Each conference features an extensive schedule of both technical and management-related sessions led by Friedman Corporation personnel, industry experts, system users, and independent vendors. Session topics are selected by the User Group Board to best reflect the interest of user group members. The conference also allows special interest groups to meet and exchange ideas and information.

How else do members stay informed?

The Friedman User Group publishes a newsletter that is distributed to members to keep them informed of group activities and to provide updates on user group requirements. The newsletter is also a forum for members to exchange tips and suggestions about using the Friedman Frontier system.

What role do members play in software development?

Each year the Friedman User Group complies and submits to Friedman its list or requirements detailing user-requested changes and additions to the system. These requirements are given priority attention by Friedman Corporation, and progress on their resolution is monitored and reported to the membership.

What special access do members have?

In 1995, the user group board established a database made up of modifications and technical tips contributed by Friedman system users to be shared with other group members. This can be accessed by user group members via the user group website.

Who runs the User Group?

The Friedman User Group Board of Directors is elected by the membership at the conference. The board consists of a chairman, elected for a one-year term, and four directors, each elected for a two-year term. Two directors are elected each year on rotating basis. In addition, the board includes the previous chairman for a period of two years, a liaison from Friedman Corporation, and a group administrator, appointed by the chairman.

Is there a formal description of the User Group?

The Friedman User Group has established bylaws that detail group objectives, membership requirements, election policies, meeting and committee procedures, and a code of ethics. A copy of the current bylaws is available upon request.

Who are the current members of the User Group?

Members may choose to be listed in the Friedman User Group directory. The directory details company demographics, nature of business operations and Friedman Frontier system applications used. The directory helps to encourage networking, sharing of ideas, discussion of requirements and formation of special interest groups among Friedman system users.

Are all users represented in the User Group?

User group membership is optional. There is a small fee for membership which helps to offset the organizational and communication costs. Current Friedman Frontier users are not required to join the user group nor to be listed in the user group directory.