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Event Notification

Frontier Event Notification module is designed to help your organization proactively monitor, analyze and communicate the extensive business information that is generated and tracked with the Friedman Frontier ERP System. The foundation of the Event Notification module is the translation of a business event (eg., sales order went on credit hold), into rules- based filters and exception criteria that Frontier ERP transactions are then evaluated against. When a Frontier ERP transaction triggers a business event, the Event Notification module can then automatically communicate to both internal and external individuals that need to be made aware of or take action against the business event that has occurred.

Frontier Event Notification Supports:

  • Access to all Frontier ERP physical database files and fields, allowing the definition of business events across all aspects of the business model
  • A structured, rules based logic to develop user-defined filters and exception criteria, stored as database triggers, to serve as the foundation for the business events to be monitored
  • Automatic evaluation of Frontier ERP transactions against active database triggers to determine if the conditions for the business event have been met
  • Standardized routines to monitor date related business events that may not directly translate into a specific database trigger (i.e., missed customer shipments, etc.)
  • A contact master file to store contact information for the individual or groups of individuals (employees, customers, vendors, sales reps) that are to be contacted for a triggered business event
  • User-defined message templates consisting of both pre-defined boilerplate and variable based text for the communication of triggered business events
  • Automatic communication of triggered business events to internal or external contacts via fax or e-mail using structured, pre-defined message templates
  • Inquiry screens to review business events that have been triggered, along with all communications associated with the business event
  • A planned application development path to incorporate more advanced workflow and interactive sign-off functionality in future releases

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