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Dispatch and Logistics Planning

Frontier iDispatch is designed as an integrated logistics planning module, leveraging Frontier ERP-based sales, production and configuration information to build truck loads based on user-defined rules and logic. The iDispatch application is fully integrated with the Frontier ERP production scheduling and bar code reporting modules, as well as third-party route planning and optimization products.

iDispatch Truck Management Supports:

  • A Java™-based, IBM WebSphere development environment that can be deployed on any standard web server and utilizes an Application Program Interface (API) layer to leverage Frontier ERP-based application program logic and data
  • The definition of user-defined truck types and associated capacity limits to define an organization’s available fleet and establish constraints for building truck loads
  • User-defined truck scheduling rules, maintained by plant and shipping route, leveraging Frontier ERP-based data and formulas to automatically generate suggested truck loads
  • A flexible scheduling screen design allowing a user to define the information and format required, providing summary and detailed visibility and update of suggested truck loads
  • Multiple load status codes to identify the stages of planning a specific truck load is in, tracking when the dispatcher has finalized the load content and defined drop sequences
  • Established interface routines to third party route planning applications, such as PC-Miler and Transact, to optimize the delivery of a planned truck load and generate drop sequences based on the established rules and algorithms
  • Visibility of finalized truck loads and drop sequences within the production scheduling application, providing the option of scheduling production based on truck schedules
  • Real-time validation of products being loaded onto a truck against the finalized truck schedule to eliminate loading errors
  • Automatic generation of bills of lading based on the finalized truck schedules and the products that have been loaded

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