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PowerBids Dealer Quoting & Ordering

Accurate Quoting and Ordering for your Dealers, Distributors, and Field Sales

PowerBids is an automated quoting and ordering system for your remote dealers, distributors, direct customers, and sales representatives.

Frontier ERP’s  PowerBids automates and simplifies the entry and management of quotes and sales orders for complex, customer-specified product lines.

Developed as a stand-alone, remote application, Frontier PowerBids leverages the Internet to communicate sales orders and ensure that the local database is synchronized with the latest product, configuration, and pricing information from your Frontier ERP system. This stand-alone design provides the flexibility to generate quotes and orders wherever needed, without requiring Internet access.

You can use PowerBids for products sold by the square foot, linear foot/inch, per hundred/thousand, united inch, or each. It also allows your dealers and distributors to maintain their own price book for “other” non-configured products such as glass, mirrors, screens, caulking, molding, and hardware.

With PowerBids, dealers can easily generate:

  • Price books
  • Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices

If you sell through a dealer network, PowerBids brings your product range to life on your dealer’s website. Orders are placed consistent with what your configurator can build. Less back-and-forth with your order and production/assembly departments. Fewer errors and faster turnaround equals happier customers.

PowerBids Dealer System Supports:

  • Remote, disconnected generation and management of quotations and sales orders for stock and complex, customer-specified products.
  • Local customer database with links to contact management systems to help your customers manage the end consumers your customers do business with
  • Two-tier pricing, discounting, and markup structure to provide end-consumer price quotes based on the manufacturer’s selling price, with visibility to manage your customer’s sales margins.
  • Multiple customer-level settings to manage quotation defaults for elements such as sales tax, price markups, quotation formats, and user profiles.
  • Integrated product catalog functionality to logically group products and provide additional marketing or engineering information to the customer.
  • Frontier ERP configuration logic to enter, validate, and price configured products, ensuring consistent results with internal customer service quotes being generated.
  • Generation of dynamic, scaled drawings of configured products based on product attributes specified, with support for these drawings within quotation documents.
  • Automatic generation of local sales documents for the end consumer, including quotation acknowledgments, purchase orders, packing lists, and invoices
  • Internet-based communication of sales orders into the Frontier ERP system based on converted quotes, with automatic e-mail acknowledgment of confirmed orders.
  • Automatic, Internet-based synchronization of net data changes against products, configuration logic, prices, and marketing data from Frontier ERP to PowerBids.
  • Real-time order status links via Internet connection to track the status of converted orders within the Frontier ERP system.
  • Integration links to standard accounting packages to support invoicing and Accounts Receivable functions.

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