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New Construction Bidding and Project Management

The Frontier Project Tracker is designed to address the business requirements associated with the quotation, tracking, and ongoing management of large scale development projects. This type of project typically has multiple product releases planned over a time horizon, with each release being based on a standardized set of plans, options and product categories finalized and agreed upon during the bidding process. The Project Tracker is fully integrated with the Frontier® ERP System, leveraging Frontier ERP-based customer, product, configuration, cost and pricing data, as well as automatically generating sales orders to process product releases. The Financial aspects of contract management and contract billing have also been addressed within the Frontier Project Tracker.

Frontier Project Tracker Supports:

  • Definition of a project hierarchy, highlighting multiple levels of project summarization, tracking and control points
  • The generation of project price quotes (bids), categorized based on the defined project hierarchy and supporting multiple plans, options and product categories
  • Visibility and maintenance of quoted prices and margins based on the defined plans, options, and product categories
  • Frontier ERP configuration logic to enter, validate and price complex, customer specified product lines as part of a product plan or option
  • User-defined output documents and forms to submit for bid review and approval
  • Integrated release processing supporting final specification of delivery information, required dates, plan, option and product categories to be released for production
  • Automatic generation of Frontier ERP sales order(s) based on the plan, option and product category specified with the release, with option to generate unique sales order for each product category being processed
  • Integrated contract master file to maintain the final project pricing and commission structure(s), based on the project hierarchy, plan, option, product category and effective date of the release
  • Sales order pricing and invoicing based upon contract prices defined for each plan, option and product category, bypassing traditional line item pricing

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