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Production Scheduling

The Frontier® ERP System is designed to support mixed-mode manufacturing environments, providing flexible methods of production scheduling based on an organization’s business model, product lines and production requirements. The Frontier ERP System supports traditional work-order-based scheduling under a FIFO model, production-run based scheduling based on user-defined grouping criteria, as well as just-in-time-based KanBan scheduling.

Production Scheduling Supports:

  • Daily scheduling of production work orders based on actual setup and run times as defined against a product and work center, with default sequencing of production activities based on a FIFO assumption
  • Interactive, finite constraint-based work center scheduling to adjust and manipulate planned schedules to meet material, labor and efficiency objectives
  • Forward and backward scheduling of production orders based on anticipated start or completion dates
  • Automatic scheduling of lower-level component orders based on parent-level start/completion dates and established lead time offsets
  • Manual, KanBan-based scheduling of selected items based on standard production lot sizes and minimum-available-inventory targets
  • Production scheduling based on the grouping of similar items into overall production batches or runs with defined sequences for production execution (iSchedule)

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