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iCash Cash Management

Frontier iCash is an Internet/Intranet-based inquiry application designed to provide enhanced flexibility in projecting an organization’s future cash position. Frontier iCash integrates Sales, Purchasing, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable information and assumptions to quickly analyze the availability of working capital in both the short and long term.

Frontier iCash supports:

  • A Java™ based, IBM WebSphere development environment that can be deployed on any standard web server, utilizing an Application Program Interface (API) layer to leverage Frontier® ERP-based application program logic and data
  • Flexible date ranges and grouping options to summarize cash position information into daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly buckets
  • Option to include or exclude future sales bookings and/or future purchases from the calculation of the final cash position
  • Flexible methods for accounting for past-due customer accounts and anticipated collections issues to accurately project future Receivables
  • Flexible methods for accounting for disputed vendor invoices and anticipated payment allowances to accurately project future Payables
  • A summarized, grid-like format for displaying the projected cash position with flexible print options and automated spreadsheet interfaces
  • Automated drill-down from summarized display into Frontier ERP-based invoice details to view detailed Receivables and Payables information

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