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Accounts Payable / iPayables

The Frontier Accounts Payable module is designed to help your organization process and manage the outflow of cash payments to contractors, vendors and employees. The application is tightly integrated with the Frontier® ERP Purchasing & Receiving modules to quickly validate vendor invoices against authorized purchases and accepted purchase receipts. Frontier iPayables is an Intranet-based inquiry application designed to provide enhanced visibility and drill-down into Frontier® ERP based open and historical payment details, as well as provide visibility to analyze divisional and aged open Payables information.

Frontier Accounts Payable Supports:

  • A single, centralized vendor master file shared between the Accounts Payable and Purchasing applications
  • Integrated three-way matching of vendor invoices, purchase orders and processed receipts
  • The option of centralized or de-centralized Payables processing for multi-company, multi-divisional organizations
  • Flexible, user-defined discount and payment terms defined by vendor or individual order/invoice
  • Automated payment processing based on user-defined parameters, supporting electronic, preprinted and laser check generation
  • Automated calculation and reconciliation of purchase price variance, received not vouchered accruals, and 1099 processing
  • Flexible reporting and inquiry across all open and historical Accounts Payable information

Frontier iPayables Supports:

  • A Java™ based, IBM WebSphere development environment that can be deployed on any standard web server and utilizes an Application Program Interface (API) layer to leverage Frontier® ERP based application program logic and data
  • Accounts Payable Aging – Inquiry supporting user-defined aging buckets, vendor selections, and aged date criteria. Summarized, aged Payables displayed in grid-like format with dynamic column sorting, print options and automated spreadsheet interfaces.
  • Accounts Payable Inquiry –Inquiry into open and closed Accounts Payable records with flexible search and selection criteria. Selected information displayed in grid-like format with dynamic column sorting and automated drill-down into invoice details displayed in a simulated invoice format.

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